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I've just weaned off cortef. How long should I leave it until my Gp does the cortisol blood test. how long does cortef stay in the blood ?

I'm fully aware that the blood test is unreliable but my gp insists we must start the process of assessing my adrenal function with a cortisol blood test..does anyone know how long, now that I've slowly weaned myself off cortef, I should leave it before getting the gp to do the cortisol blood test..How long does it take for cortef to come out of the blood and tissues and therefore not 'skew' the test..which i do realise is not reliable anyway but I have to go with his long winded system to get to where I need to be with him..I would really appreciate it if anyone knows how long cortef stays in the blood..thanks very much.

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What is your background, why were you put on cortef?



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