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Low platelet count

I'm hoping someone with a bit of a medical background can help. I had a blood test in September and was told I had excess iron. I had a repeat test last week and now the iron is fine (?) but I have a low platelet count. As everything seems to point to the Thyroid does anyone know if it is yet another symptom? Thanks a lot.

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I don't know if it is related to the thyroid but I know it can be related to lupus and other autoimmune conditions.

how low is it by the way? and what follow up has the GP put in place for you?


mind you, 'if' it is autoimmune related then there is a link between one autoimmune condition and you have hashimotos hypothyroidism? that is autoimmune...

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I have thyroid antibodies (approx 1600) and though not formally diagnosed with Hashimotos the good people on here think it's a distinct possibility so I am treating it as such and have given gluten and dairy up. The GP didn't say how low and neither did he tell me in 2010 when it was first discovered either!!


well, high thyroid antibodies is an autoimmune thyroid condition....

ask the GP to have tests to be screened for other things like Lupus,and ANA (antinuclear antibodies) would be a start.

or ask for a referral to a specialist at the hospital to look into this.


Can it be possible to have all this going on and still feel OK? I do have symptoms - a lot I've learned to live with - but other than constipation, thinning hair and brain fog I feel fine. Although it's a bit of a worry I am finding it kind of interesting as every single little niggle I have can all be traced back to the Thyroid. I really don't want to go on medication so am a bit loath to ask for more tests in case they insist!


infomaniac, we don't know, but yes you may or may not have some other autoimmune conditions.

It is your right to decline testing of course, or say for example, say you were tested for Lupus and that came positive....if you say you feel fine, you may not need any treatment right? but your condition would be known and you would have more knowledge on how to approach things if needs be. That is my take anyway.

Some think 'ignorance is bliss', some say knowledge is power....up to you which side you want to take :)

Like Jackie says you don't have to take any treatment offered x


Hi I agree with nobodysdriving. Although lots of things can cause low platelets and it may not be significant but do make sure. Also if you were referred to a good endo they would consider everything, then, if you still do not want thyroid treatment you can decide what you want. As regards thyroid make sure you have had TSH T4 and Free T3 tested then, you and your doctors have a full picture. if it is your thyroid , not treating it can cause all sorts of further problems in time. If you are started on treatment it is normally a very low dose and then see if it needs increasing. You may be amazed how different you feel. In this instance I would be guided by your Docs., I do not often say that!



Thanks a lot :-) I have been told to have my blood tested again in 4 weeks so I may as well wait till then. There is a nice lady doctor who actually listened to me and did the full Thyroid tests for me - which is how I found out about the antibodies so I'll see her. My "problem" is that I feel like a hypochondriac as I don't feel poorly!


Hi i have had low platlets for over a year...maybe more i dont know.

My private Doctor wants me to have blood tests every so often to check them, they are still low and under range.

I have a lot of mucus in my throat and sometimes with a bit of blood in it (sorry) and when i used to excersise i used to feel like fainting, i also bruise easily...all these point to low platlets so im told.

I dont think they are dangerously low as noone has done anything about it, just to be monitored.

Saying that though...since starting on t3 only the mucas has reduced a lot so that could just be thyroid related (i dont have autoimmune hypo) and i havent noticed much blood either

Maybe my platlets will be higher now my thyroid symptoms are getting better...just a though

Sorry if i have not made any sense lol



Thanks ceejaydj - it makes sense don't worry! I haven't noticed anything like that thankfully.

I don't feel any different but as the platelets have probably been low since 2010 maybe I've just got used to it. I'm interested to see what happens in 4 weeks time when I'm tested again-hopefully my lack of gluten might make all the difference!


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