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Low white blood cell count and hypothyroid

Hi everyone,

Could someone help with my results please?

I have repeatedly had a low white blood count but my doctor just says ' we'll keep monitoring it.' It has slowly but steadily decreased over last 3 years.

My results now are

Neutrophil count 1.6 (2.0-7.5)

Lymphocyte 0.9 (1.0-4.0)

Total white count 2.8 (4.0-11)

Red blood cell count 4.83 ( 3.8-4.8)

He said it could be because I have Hashimotos, but hasn't offered any other comment. I don't know whether I should be concerned.

Can anybody offer any advice, perhaps if they have had similar results.

Thank you very much.


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This link will explain high and low evaluations in white and red cell blood counts.


Hi Clutter.

Thank you for your reply and the link.



My daughter's neutrophiills were also 1.6 which concerned me at the time as they seemed to be dropping at each test. However level showed an increase at last test so they do fluctuate. Definitely something to take up with GP if they continue to fall.


Thank you for your reply, Josies mum.



I had similar low white blood and neutrophils which both gradually improved as my Levothyroxine was upped, then when I was almost optimally medicated they fell back into the normal range again.


Hi thanks for your reply.

my Doctor has said i need to reduce my dose - from 100 to 75 every other day - as my recent results were TSH < 0.05 (0.27-4.2) and free T4 27.4 (12.0-22.) I was really reluctant to do so as i felt much better on 100, and i've been on the lower dose for nearly 4 weeks and the brain fog and tiredness has returned. Not sure what to do really.


I asked my Doctor to go by my presenting 'symptoms' and not my unreliable blood tests. You might already know that your bloods can vary as to how far apart, time wise, you took your last thyroid medication before taking the thyroid blood tests, if you took your levo just before the tests your results can make it look as though you are over dosing.

I never use to take my Levo the night before a blood test, I learnt that from Thyroid UK members.

You must tell your Doctor you were not brain fogged and tired on the daily 100mcg, but the 75/100mcg every other day is making you terribly ill again, really make a stance ChrisRP.


Hi, not sure if this helps, but I've had low white cell counts (neutropenia) ever since being diagnosed as hypo in 2014. I got referred to the hospital haematology dept and have to go back for checks every 6 months - bloods haven't really improved, I have been tested for lots of things, all negative other than I am antinuclear (ANA) positive which apparently means there is an autoimmune issue. Apparently 10% of the population can test positive without other illnesses being found. I think it's all thyroid / hormone related but can't get any doctors to look at the whole hormone picture. About to start NDT to see if that helps.



Thanks for your reply. I don't know how low the count needs to go before it sets alarm bells off. My doctor just doesn't seem interested. Well i say my Dr but i've only ever seen him twice - when i was first diagnosed 9 months ago. Since then it always be locums.


Hi ChrisRP,

I haven't got my initial results with me (currently travelling in SE Asia), but my white blood cell and neutrophil counts were flagged on the (UK) results as they were below range. I'm guessing if you are consistently below range and its new then they should be investigating it further.

I was given more blood tests by the UK hospital then went through a bone marrow biopsy and a referral to a rheumatoid arthritis specialist just to check that they weren't missing anything, I think because I was ANA positive. All tests were negative.

I've just been told to get checked out by haematology every 6 months and get medical assistance if I get ill with a fever as my immune system may need help fighting what ever it is I've come down with. Colds stick around a little longer for me, but fingers crossed I don't fall ill any more often than those around me.

It might be worth pushing a bit harder on your Drs for a referral if you are concerned.

On the other hand ranges are presumably just averages of the people being tested in which case there will always be people who fall outside of the norm without being ill. It could just be that being below range is normal for us ...

Sorry, not sure if this long response helps!

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Just a passing thought Kiwidal- are your Thyroid levels TSH, FT4, and FT3 all optimal in range ? Have you checked your thyroid results here on Thyroid UK ?

If you don't feel good that might be a pointer they are not optimal.

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Hi Coastwalker,

Yes I have checked results here, I think there is room for improvement - dr reduced my Levo dosage based on last set of results which I think was the wrong thing to do. I also think that Synthroid isn't agreeing with me so I am going to start Thyroid-s in the next week or so. It will be interesting to see if switching to NDT also improves my other blood test results.


I am on thyroid-s too, I felt far better on this, but mostly because I was in control of how much my body needed not how much my Dr thought I needed by my bloods :) :)

Good luck on them, fingers crossed Kiwidel.


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