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In a bit of a tiswas, am I getting hungup on my TSH levels?

I keep reading on the forum that TSH levels should be at the lower end of the range when on treatment....currently mime is over 3.

In May I had my annual bloods done, I was feeling really rough at the time with brain fog, lack of energy, aching when literally doing anyting around the house.

My results came back as (I also asked for Vit D3, folate,ferritin etc to be done)

TSH 3.18 ( 0.35-5.5) Free T4 15.1 ( 10.5-20) Free T3 4.3 ( 3.5-6-5)

Folate was slightly low at 8 ( 3-20) and I was deficient in Vitamin D3 at 27, made an appt to see doc, he gave me Calceos 400iu x 2 daily, so after posting on here raised that to 2 x 5,000 soft gels daily, by the time appt for repeat Vit D3 came round early August I felt worse if anything..

My Vit D3 levels came back at 155 very fast reversal, but they had also retested my TSH which I hadn't realised they were redoing (would have asked for T4-T3) it came back at 3.97

So Thyroxine was raised by 25mcg which I had to do every other day for a while as V. sensitive to T4 then repeat tests in October came back

TSH 3.28 FT4 16 FT3 4.3 The nurse said Doctor wants you to raise your Levo to 75mcg? I said already had & explained but had to do it slowly, she said continue & will retest in a month which brings us to today's results.

TSH 3.76 FT4 15.1 FT3 4.7

At the moment I feel Ok I started Folic Acid in September (if I remember correctly) Thanks to NaiomiSue for that suggestion, and to help with the palpitations I get from T4 I have raised my T3 meds up, I have just finished decorating the one remaining bedroom that had to be done it took 3wks mind pacing myself...

Do I feel normal, not sure I know what normal is any more, I'm so used to limiting what I Iv'e got used to those restrictions, and have no idea of what a normal healthy female of my age can accompIish day to day, Can I feel better on more med's or perhaps T3 only? I'm not sure. I noticed my Ft3 has gone up for the 1st time (made sure no T3 taken before test)

Many Thanks for reading & any comments offered



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Hello Loopy,

Some people cannot use the TSH test as any kind of guide. For them it's symptoms, symptoms, symptoms. They listen to their bodies, and are guided by their doctor. Considering you are taking T3 your FT3 level is still not that brilliant, so I think in your case you too need to listen to your body. If you are not currently seeing one of Thyroid UK's recommended doctors I feel sure you'd get better advice from one of them than from your GP.

I know what you mean about feeling normal. My daughter has never felt well as an adult, and doesn't know what she should expect. All she knows at the moment is that she hasn't got there yet.

There can be many reasons for the TSH test being an inaccurate measure of thyroid disease.

This test has never been validated which makes your symptoms the most important guide to the state of your health. If you are not feeling as well as you should then there is still something wrong.

This page on the Thyroid UK website is a guide as to how tricky interpreting blood tests can be.

Jane x


TSH does vary through the day - the sort of difference you are reporting could be within that range. In most people it would be lowest at the start of the day (in the early hours) and rise to the afternoon sometime. So simply having your blood drawn at different times can be significant.

I note that you are taking folic acid - but have you been checked for B12? Folic acid/folates can prevent one of the well-known effects of low B12 - enlarged red blood cells. While they do nothing to help with the permanent nerve damage that occurs when you are low in B12.



Hi Rod,

Have had Pernicious Anemia for many years & have 4 weekly B12 Injections In May my Folate level was 8 (3-20) so Iv'e been taking folic acid supplements to raise it to more of an exceptable level for someone with Pernicious Anemia...I always have blood tests in sametime frame give or take 30mins so not sure that would account for differing TSH levels?




OK - :-)



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