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I took my thyroxine last night instead of yesterday morning and I don't know if it was just coincidence but I had a terrible night! Anxiety, painful joints - utterly exhausting. Lately I've been having one decent night's sleep (about 6 hours) and the next night bad but it's not been as bad as this in a long time. Should I keep going with night time thyroxine or go back to taking it with my T3 in the morning?

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I find that taking meds at night makes me anxious and have nightmares. I always take thyroxine and armour in the morning. We are all so different as i know some people are better taking meds at night.Do what suits you best.

Unfortunately the insomnia is a symptom of hypothyroidism and hopefully will get better for you with time.


That's a shame :( Sometimes that works for people and sometimes it doesn't. I sleep much better if I get some T3 in the evening. It sounds bonkers but it really works for me. If I don't have it in the evening I don't sleep nearly so well.

I hope you get a better night tonight.

Carolyn x


Difficult to know what to say. As CarolynB wrote, "sometimes".

You could revert straight-away - or give it a couple of days/nights to see if you improve. Last thing I'd want is for you to suffer. But I have a feeling that if you don't try a little longer, you might always be thinking "should I change to bed-time again?"



I agree with Rod, give it a few nights it will always need a little adjusting to such a change, also don't forget if you usually take your T4 in the morning and you didn't do that morning it could be that thats why you had anxiety and painfull joints as your t4 would have been lower than usual in the body, i have unfortunately forgotten to take mine once and had the worst day ever, you can read my blog post:

Give it a chance and good luck,



Not sure how much you take in total or whether you moved it all to evening. I only take 25mcg levo at night and that really helps the sleep. Unlike Carolyn I can't take any t3 in the evening or I do the anxious awake bad dreams thing all night.

We are all so different. Drat - makes it even harder!

If possible maybe try taking a small dose at night and the remainder during the day? Just a thought.

Whatever wishing you sweet dreams tonight :)


I tried T4 at night for a week and I got insomnia. Changed back to the mornings and slept much better since.

I've added T3 now too, would like to add a small dose at night to try, maybe.


thanks to all for your replies which I read this morning. I took the coward's way out and didn't take any Levo last night and waited until this morning. My stiff joints in my hands weren't so bad when I woke but that could be cos I had a peaceful sleep - I have definitely got into a cycle - one night bad, one night good. God, it makes you appreciate the good one!!!! Having reduced levo myself to 75mcg, I might do as Sandi does and take 25mcg at night with the rest in the morning. The fact that I didn't seem to suffer any ill effects from not having taken levo for more than 24hrs does make me wonder, though. Happy Wednesday (forgot how to do smilies)! xx


Hi It does not suit me having my armour at night but I do split it into 2 doses, am and lunch time. I also take T3 which I take late morning and evening, split to 10mcg each time. I hope this helps.



It does, Jackie - thank you x


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