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The Horses mouth?

Watching that new Rolf Harris Veterinary programme the other night. The vets were trying to work out what was wrong with this horse.

I thought, wouldn't it be wonderful if horses could actually talk, and tell the vets exactly what's ailing them.

Then I thought, maybe not, if the vets are anything like real doctors the horses will probably end up on anti-depressants !

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You're right. The vet came recently to give our poor old horse her tetanus jab and thought she looked depressed as she cowered in the corner. No, we had to explain, she isn't depressed - she just spotted you and your needle and knows what comes next! Jane x


Lol! horses ain't daft! (not that I'm implying we are!) A work colleague recently went home from work early as horse wasn't eating etc. extensive tests straight away - & reaction to antibiotics investigated, thoroughy as a thoroughbred!

It's been said a few times that vets seem to possess an extra capability, next time I'll say nothing & just chew.... I'll be the one in the straight-jacket! J :D


Neigh doubt :-)


It could possibly be, perhaps, only a suggestion, that if we couldn't talk to doctors, it would give some slower witted people more time to think. To think of something other than depression as the answer that is.


we would get better care if we saw a vet!


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