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I went to pick my script up from the chemist yesterday, to find that my pre-ordered 'TEVA' brand had been given to another patient, I was told to come back today for an alternative. I found the TEVA' brand suited me better than Lloyds own brand,- or could this have been the 'placibo effect'. Back to the Eltroxin- I was quite please to find that I had the Eltroxin is this is better than the levothyroxin-?

As a long term sufferer from the typical muscle aches,heavy periods,headaches,dizzyness,increased weight,belly fat,hairloss,loss of muscle tone,despite rigorous diet and excersise- is this medication my saviour, Or is someone about to burst my bubble and say this is a load of codswallop?

I take 150mcg of thyroxine,

100mcg TEVA-

50mcg TEVA/ eltroxin

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I think you would probably benefit more if you had 150mcg of Eltroxin, instead of a mix.

I tried all the other levothyroxines and am convinced they caused all my side effects which began about 4 months after beginning T4 alone.

I am now taking a combination of T3/T4 and I was given 25mcg Eltroxin (manufactured by Custom Pharmaceuticals - Goldshield is the marketing authorisation holder) on 1st Sept and gradually the bad palipitations ceased. It took about 6 or 7 weeks for the old T4 to leave my system and I now have a much better quality of life with T3 and definitely the Eltroxin, for me, is superior to T4.

I told the Endocrinologist that I would no longer take any T4 other than Eltroxin but the letter to the GP still said 'thyroxine'. I know my GP can only state levothyroxine on the prescription so what happens if the Pharmacist can not give me Eltroxin? I shall just have to take T3 alone. I cannot let my health go backwards.

I do hope you get a benefit from Eltroxin.


I was told that the Eltroxin company (pink packet) were bought out by the new company make Levothyroxin and they are exactly the same ingredients. They do have the same address on both tablet boxes. I felt the same as you as have been on Eltroxin for 27 yrs. so I checked. Hope this helps. Kathy x


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