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Eltroxin Availability – My hypothesis


This is regarding the Concordia International - Mercury Pharma branded product within the UK. It does not apply to any other country – even Ireland – nor any other product with the same or similar name.

For quite a few years now, Eltroxin has had limited availability. We go many months with hardly a single post or response suggesting that anyone is receiving Eltroxin. Then, suddenly, we see some posts that specifically say exactly that. Just the other day, someone posted a picture of newly dispensed Eltroxin 25 microgram packet:


Having often wondered why supply is so wayward, lightning struck. Is there a simple explanation?

Last time we saw a mini-flood of Eltroxin was mid-to-late 2016 – when Teva must have been preparing to launch their New Formulation product. And now, the current dribble corresponds to re-formulation of Actavis mentioned here:



There has also been at least rumour Actavis will be launching a 25 microgram product.

Eltroxin is regarded as the branded product, the one against which others are measured. But if Eltroxin is not available, no-one can do that, not even the MHRA. Is it possible that these odd releases of Eltroxin occur when the MHRA (or other testers) need to have some to demonstrate bio-equivalence?

(Yes, perhaps not what we regard as bio-equivalence, but what the standards demand.)

Perhaps Mercury Pharma have to provide some on demand? The other option being to relinquish the product’s status. No idea what the impact of that would be.

So each time we see Eltroxin available, we should be asking whether a product is being launched or re-formulated, or the standards are being re-considered.

Any other suggestions or ideas, please respond!


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I don't know, Eltroxin seems to be incredibly difficult to get on prescription. When my GP switched me to them, suddenly the supplies dried up. It caused me a lot of problems, not to mention the problems I had with TEVA and the lack of bioequivalence and the side effects of both TEVA and Mercury Pharma. It is making me really mad and now the news that Actavis is being reformulated is making me steam with fury!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EbonyEvans in reply to Nanaedake

Hi Nanaedake,

Could I ask how many you get per prescription? And are they the 25mcg? I took my prescription to France and they had 10mcg, 25 , 88 & 100mcg. I'm trying to figure out if I start to get mine in London if it's worth the price difference (I'd cut the 100 into 2.). Sorry to jump on your post but curious.

Thanks in advance

helvellaAdministrator in reply to EbonyEvans

Are you referring to Eltroxin? Was not aware that any version of Eltroxin is available in France.

EbonyEvans in reply to helvella

Hello Helvella,

it's Euthyrox (apologies my phone auto corrected) made by Merck Serono. The writing is in Croatian as the box has Zagreb, Hrvatska as it's addressbb

helvellaAdministrator in reply to EbonyEvans

Euthyrox is not available in the UK.

(Well, it might technically be possible for a special import but I can't see any sense in that whatsoever.)

EbonyEvans in reply to helvella

It suits me best so I import. But might not be good for others.

Interesting, Eltroxin is used in many countries.

A few years ago a friend of mine tried to get information regarding it's registration in Denmark in the 50s but the Danish authority "couldn't find" the earliest papers.

There were big problems in Israel, Denmark and New Zealand a few years ago. haaretz.com/news/israel/isr...

helvellaAdministrator in reply to thyras

You have brought up the issue I was trying to avoid!

The name/brand Eltroxin is used in many countries. In the USA, GSK made Eltroxin and it was manufactured in north America and sent to many countries. They then sold off the "worldwide" rights to the Eltroxin brand (excluding the UK, Ireland, and possibly some other countries) to Aspen, reformulated, and manufacturing switched to Germany. That was the cause of the Denmark, Israel and New Zealand issues.

Both original north America GSK Eltroxin and Aspen reformulated Germany Eltroxin are different formulations to the UK product.

I believe there are also products called Eltroxin in some other countries. The brand name Eltroxin was not legally protected in all countries.

I excluded Ireland because Mercury Pharma seemed to be supplying Eltroxin branded product there even when it was unavailable in the UK.

thyras in reply to helvella

Thank you Helvella. This information is important. You don't happen to have any link where I can read more about how these rights were sold off? And When was this?

I remember from the papers sent to my friend (that cost her a fortune) that one ingredient was black-marked through all the papers. This was strange since it was just one of many.

helvellaAdministrator in reply to thyras

I don't know about any paid-for documents, but this is the report by the UK's MHRA for Medsafe in New Zealand:


I really think that Concordia should be permanently struck of the list of approved government suppliers after their price gouging with T3.

At the request of my local CCG I went back on Mercury Pharma Eltroxin. After three days of barely being able to walk and a numbness of the left side of my head, I abandoned them and went back onto Aliud at my own expense. This was in about April of this year. Original problems of Mercury Pharma Generic Levothyroxine are still existing!

helvellaAdministrator in reply to nightingale-56

I also prefer Aliud or Henning L-Thyroxin to Mercury Pharma. Nothing like your issues, but I felt much better on the German makes than MP.

However, am also pretty good on Actavis.

My son is on Actavis, but still also has the leftover symptoms from MPGL. Nothing like Goldshield Eltroxin (or generic) for me! I am now about to try Euthyrox when it arrives, together with my miniscule amount of T3 (Cynomel).

J_bee could you let me know the expiration dates of yours as mine are 10/19.

Jillkh in reply to EbonyEvans

Hello EbonyEvans . Hope you are well. Did you source your medication in the end


EbonyEvans in reply to Jillkh

Hello Jill,

I've managed to find a reliable source for T3 and I've just gotten a years worth of Euthyrox.

Thank you for querying. How are you doing on your Thryroid-S?

EbonyEvans do you mean the Actavis? I am afraid I do not know as my son is in supported living and his meds are not in my possession. The date on the MP Eltroxin was 3.11.17, but I could only bear to take 4 days worth.


Sounds very Plausible. We know of members who were well on Eltroxin, then suddenly withdrawn. Suspicious.

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