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new and in the dark

Hi I have read so many questions and answers and it has raised loads of questions for me. I have had no support from my doctors apart from 'this is a good problem to have cos now you get free perscriptions for life.' I am 45 and my thyroid has completely stopped working. I have been given Levothyroxine and basically left to sort out my own dosage. Can anyone recommmend where i can get all the info i need about Hypothyrodism and all the bits that seem to go with it. I really feel in the dark about this and it has had such an effect on mine and my families life, i want to take control again. cheers Sarah

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Hi Sarah, I have no medical background so am in no position to offer you specific advice but Iam surprised that you have not been given a dosage to start with and then a test to see how you are getting on. I'd go back to your GP (or a different one) and ask for some more detailed instructions. Good luck with it.


thanks Jenny I am going to see a new doctor next week, i will be more persistent this time.


I'd suggest you find a new doc. One that is willing to guide you through...s/he needs to be specific with the prescription.

My doc started me on 25ug and has been increasing it gradually since March, based on my blood test results. I have repeat blood about every 6 weeks at the moment. My doseage isn't changed until we know what my blood results are telling us, coupled with how symptomatic I am. I am now on a 100ug dose...

Symptoms and blood results need to be monitored by you and your doc to make sure you are getting optimum treatement...

It is also very important that you aren't over medicated as this can also cause serious problems.

My doc would have stepped up my last increase by 50ug, but decided to do it in 25ug steps because when I first started taking meds I had palpitations for a period of 2 days after a week of taking them.

Please find yourself another doctor.


Hi thanks for that, I am going back to a new doc next week wish me luck. x


All the best Sarah can't believe your doctor what sort of dr did you have wishing you ALL the best again it will take time but you will get there thy just upped mine from100 to 125 and can already see the difference let us know how you get on


Jenny is so right ,do you mean he never told you how much to take ? ,my god know wonder so many people don't get well !!

Just do what your doing keep looking on the web maybe look at about .com Mary Shomon she is really good and a lot of really good information ,but the only draw back is she is in the USA and so some of the things are not always the same as UK.

Hope you get better help from the next doctor you see , and ask lots of questions , take a list with you ,I did that last week and got some answers that I wanted .

Very best of luck Jan x


We also have a Information Pack available contents and order form here:



Thanks Jen, i am going to write a list thats a great idea cos i always forget when i get in there. Its great to hear from people who have been there thanks for your support. x


Hi there,

I agree with the other points already made, you need to change doctors. Can't believe that you weren't given a low starting dose followed by regular blood tests. I started on 25 micrograms, slowly increasing over the years and am now on 250 micrograms. You will also get used to how you feel in yourself and know when you need to have levels checked. Hope you get on better with a different doctor and don't give up!!


hi Barney, do you feel as well now as you did before your thyroid stopped working, can i expect to ever feel how i used to. I'm now on 187.5 i have to break a tablet in half but how do you know you have reached your optimal dose. cheers sarah



I agree with Isangel, purchasing the information pack from the website below would probably be your best way forward, it was through Thyroid UK that I received the help I needed. Lyn Mynot is also at the end of the telephone line to give help and support.

They are a mine of information.



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