New gp and ndt

Had initial apt this week and as she was going through my meds I said I stopped lev and changed to these - put my tub of nature thyroid on desk. Told her it was because lev didn't seem to help and I changed whilst between docs. She didn't look at the tub or ask any questions about what tabs were. Just said we will start from scratch and get full blood profile. Don't know what to make of it but pleased i suppose she didn't go down my throat for self medicating! Blood results Monday

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  • It will be interesting - after your blood test results.

  • I am seeing my doc on Friday, and will be doing a similar thing! Lets hope he's understanding about it, and supports me.

  • Interesting indeed! Good luck sip1. Will let you know how things pan out after results tomorrow

  • Tbh I wouldn't go as far as support as she didn't ask exactly what I was taking!

  • Probably though they were a non-prescription glandular or a vitamin supplement (and you'd stopped thyroid meds)

  • Yes Angel that's what I think too.

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