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New year is showing

Hi, I wanted to say thank you to every one who blogs or asks questions as I have learned so much from this site. I don't usually blog and being dyslexic tend to skim through articles.

But my blog is about the gluten issue.

I had given up gluten foods from some months before Christmas and apart from odd days,didn't feel too bad. Since Christmas I have been "eating up" the goodies,mince pies and Christmas pud. (I still haven't eaten bread or pastry.) I have noticed how sluggish I am feeling aches and pains,cold and hungry all the time.Here in Cornwall the weather although miserable is not too bad by British standards. All I can put my "symptoms down to is my now bad diet. So I must get back on the wagon and get my husband to eat the Christmas stuff.


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Hi Beaton,

Glad you decided to blog your experience, which has made me more determined to stick to lowering my intake of wheat. I have given up bread and pastry so far, dont eat biscuits anymore and after eating up all my homemade lasagna in the freezer I am going to try really hard to give up pasta as well.

I'll end up with a carrot for tea as I gave up meat 20+ years ago. I dont think I could go as far as giving up dairy as well as I really would be eating thin

Good luck with it and thanks for sharing.

Moggie x


Hi Moggie,We can do it. I am a life long vegetarian and it is hard and no I can't give up dairy or most of all a large cup of tea.



Hi Beaton,

For next year I can highly recommend the free from mince pies from Sainsbury :)

I eliminated gluten, wheat, dairy and oats early in October and no longer have to sleep in the day YIPPEE!!!!!! Inadvertently I managed to contaminate myself possibly 5 times during the last 3 weeks in December, it took until the end of the 1st week in January to get clean again......I feel so well it is all the motivation I need to keep on the straight and narrow. It takes creativity with meals to find a healthy new way of living.....

GOOD LUCK and a Happy and Healthy New Year to you!

Sue xxx


Hi Sue,Thanks for that, it just shows it can be done.



Hi Beaton

It's almost 6 weeks since I gave up gluten and I am feeling better for it. I'd suspected for quite a long time that I ought to try it, but could never quite get motivated enought to get started. Then I caught norovirus back in November and was very nauseous with it. The last thing I'd eaten before it began was a sandwich and as I got better the thought of bread was repulsive - so I thought this was the ideal time. So far so good, and I'm not particularly finding it too difficult yet.My worst moments are when I stop for a coffee and all those muffins and pastries are on the counter!

The big difference is in the amount of energy - I have been going off doing stuff just like I used to before all this started. Not every day, but often, and much more than I've done for the last 4 years.

Please keep us posted on how you get on, and thanks for sharing this.

Best wishes Mary x


Hi Beaton

I fell off the wagon too and it's taking ages to get back to normal. Why do we do it? Next year I'm going to lock myself in and pretend Christmas didn't happen! It's got to be the most unhealthy time of the year for most people.


I have been on my new regime for over a week now and am feeling much better.

I allow my self a small portion of porridge in the morning but no grains after that. The exclusion includes rice. i am not intolerant of wheat with my new b12 and b vit fix!.

the difference is huge -i feels so much better - far more energy and to boot combined with my 10,000 steps per day I have lost nearly 4lbs!!

Apart from my morning porridge i am eating fruit vegs, meat fish. eggs. dairy -milk,only hard cheeses, plain yoghurt but no cream -No added sugar and no processed food of any type. I have lost nearly three inches of my waist - am amazed and delighted.

Easy to do -no calorie counting or weighing and can go anywhere with it -apart from a bakers shop! xx


Another one who's pretty much given up gluten and also lactose. Definitely feel much better for it and aim to continue.

Gluten-free porridge, g-f bread best toasted, Arla Lactofree milk which is delicious and use their cheese too.

My biggest challenge will be beer - I have managed to find some g-f beer though and can't imagine it will surpass my usual!!

Alas, no weight lost. Boo.


Thank you all for your replies. At the week-end spent twice the usual amount on Good Food,loads of veg cereal and no naughties. Still struggling but I am climbing back on the wagon.

Other things are not too good. Started taking Levo at night as some of you suggest and have had two bad nights.Get to sleep and half an hour later I am wide a wake and can't get back. Also I am in a lot of pain,probably the psoriatic arthritis but managed to put my back this morning just unlocking the door!.

It can only get better.


Is it not amazing how many people are now mostly gluten free. It makes me wonder what on earth is is the wheat we do or used to eat that made us feel that unwell/fatigued. Went gluten free many years ago and after a while didn't think of it at all. Now I find that I can actually eat some gluten products (not daily) but bread was, and still is, the worst of the bunch. What makes me cross is, that the g-f foods are so much more expensive so I tend to go without. Stick with it. Happy New Year!


Hi Snowstorm,Total agree.I have tried many times over the last thirty years to go wheat if not completely gluten free. I always gave in to family and circumstances to go back and tow the line.Last year things came to a head when after cereal breakfast I was so bloated I couldn't eat anything else all day. I had a routine appointment with my GP,who thought I was a little mad but said giving up wheat may just help. Since them I have lost nearly two stone and look a little slimmer. OK I fall of the wagon sometimes but never eat bread.The cost does make me cross but I think I'm worth it.


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