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How long for TSH to recover?

I'm trying to find out how long it takes for the hypothalamic pituitary thyroid axis takes to recover after being suppressed for a long time (more than six months). There are research papers available but unfortunately in each case the researchers have carried out TRH stimulation tests, which completely invalidates the results!!!

Has anyone had a suppressed TSH (less than say, 0.1) for some time (due to high supplementation, goitre etc.), followed by a thyroidectomy (full or partial)? If so, how long was it before your pituitary started to pick up? I'd be very grateful for any help especially if you have some of the numbers also.



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Hi Jim

We are really sorry that no one answered your question. I suspect that it was just missed.

If you still have queries, please feel free to post again.





Hi Jim, I was advised it would take 6 months at least. Mine was suppressed for years and still is, so much more than 6 months. How about you - I can see you posted this a long time ago, are you 'fixed' now? I haven't had a thyroidectomy though.


So sorry for not replying to your responses, I didn't have the option set to notify me. My pituitary hasn't picked up after about 6 months since I stopped thyroid medication.


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