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How long to raise ferretin?

Sorry for another post on iron but I am wondering if anyone knows how long it takes to raise ferretin levels? I am at 23 and am able to tolerate 75mg of iron glycinate if I take it with 8000 mg of Vitamin C. I am wondering how long before I retest and when to expect a difference? One month, two? How long til it gets up to 70 or optimal? Should I consider Iron injections IM and if so, how often should I do this? I want to get the nutritional what if possibilities optimized and out of the way to see what else is underlying (cortisol, progesterone, heavy metals, dental issues, etc) There is just so much to work on....ugh. thanks again.

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I wouldn't want to dishearten you, but it took me 4 years to raise my ferritin levels from 16 (15-150) to 102.

I was referred back to my GP for iron injections very early on in all this, but my surgery does not do them and the haematologist I was referred to said my blood was as good as his and blamed my symptoms on work-related stress!

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Thanks for this. Indeed, a bit discouraging but I will remain optimistic


It took me 6 years and no improvement yet:-( i am where i was 6 years ago


My ferritin level to start with was 27, in 4 months of Solgar Gentle Iron 50mg + Vit C 1000mg it went up to 43. So, my guess is, it depends on the form of iron, your ability to absorb it and the dosage. I will be retesting in another 6 months.


Thank you Inna. What form of iron is the Solgar?


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