Hi Does anyone know how long before FT3 and FT4 drops

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know how long it takes for FT4 and FT3 to drop in your body. and for TSH to rise. I saw my Endo last Saturday and as my TSH has been suppressed for a long time when i was on levo and since then as im now on Armour. The Endocrinologist thinks my TSH may have a problem or be sluggish. Anyway ive had to come off my Armour i stopped taking it last Sunday. Ive got a blood test from Blue Horizon the finger prick one and ive got to wait for a week or longer if i can and do the bloods. Does anyone think the levels will have dropped by now as i feel absolutely terrible. This is so my Endocrinologist can decide whether to lower the dose because of the TSH or treat on FT4 and FT3 if there is a problem with the TSH and it remains suppressed with no meds. My results were TSH 0.02 FT4 11,4 and FT3 4.55 Id just gone up to 2 grains on those blood results and to be honest didnt feel well anyway. Sorry if this post is confusing.

Thanks Angel54 xx

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  • If your endo is looking at changing your dose on the basis of your TSH when you are on Armour, then it may be time to get find another endo! On Armour your TSH will be suppressed anyway, that's basic stuff and once you take anything with T3 in it, blood tests are really neither here nor there - he should be treating you on your symptoms.

    I don't know what ranges you're using, but on the NHS range where I live, that FT3 is still rather on the low side.

    Are you sure you don't need an increase?

  • Hi Ansteynomad,

    My ranges are TSH 0.40 - 5.0 FT4 10 - 22 FT3 3.5 - 6.5

    Oh gosh I was recommended to my private Endo by a few people on here. My TSH has been suppressed for a long time now over the last few years even on levothyroxine with my FT4 about 14 it was undetectable, so i think the Endo is thinking the TSH may be sluggish because of another problem so thats why i am off thyroid meds for a week.

    Yes i agree 4.55 FT3 maybe i need an increase to feel better.

    Thanks for your help.


  • Hi This is quite common, just to see what is happening.If TSH remains low, you may need a Pituitary test, 24 hour urine collection If you cannot cope with it, e mail her and tell her, she really believes we know our own bodies best. however, when I first saw her, I was on a huge dose of armour, 7 grains( private doc), felt really ill, thought I was still hypo. Turned out I was hyper,, form overdose, actually rally ill.It can be the same symptoms, I was "persuaded" to go onto 2.5 grains and a little T3, very soon stable and fine, years ago now.My TSH has always been immeasurable but not my pituitary gland.

    I hope this helps,


  • Hi Jackie,

    Thank you for this information and explaining this properly as i know my post was a bit confusing.

    I do have some other problems as well besides my thyroid. Yes my Endo does definitely believe we ourselves know our own bodies. She is very helpful and knows all about gut health and how that can be a problem with thyroid stuff too.

    I did the bloods and posted them late yesterday so hopefully by the way i felt it should have made a difference in the FT3 and FT4 readings. Thanks also for Blue Horizon info on an older post to someone else as they are far cheaper than the hospitals. It just shows doesn't it that hyper symptoms are so much the same as hypo.

    Best Wishes Angel54

  • Hi Hopefully the right treatment is in sight! Even weight can be either, although unusual.Yes, I find BH wonderful and use them a great deal.If ever a query contact Paul Harrison, MD, he is so helpful. Actually he is a member here too.


  • Thanks Jackie xx

  • How do you feel? That is more important than numbers. What doctors choose to forget is that we are all individuals and don't conform to the same numbers!!

  • How do you feel? That is more important than numbers. What doctors choose to forget is that we are all individuals and don't conform to the same numbers!!

  • Hi Glyisrose,

    At the moment i feel very unwell, I do have other stuff going on besides thyroid. Im back on my Armour now so that is a plus. So thankful i got it as i truly thought i was going to die on levothyroxine i had every symptom going and was getting nowhere for years. I got diagnosed with hypo and hashimotos in 2008 but by the time i was diagnosed by GP i was very very ill. I saw several people but my GP took no notice of them. It took me a long time to get referred to an Endocrinologist. Couldnt get an NHS one and was told only levothyroxine medication. Yes i agree its about how we feel that is important.

    Best Wishes Angel54

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