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I have really bad sweats and get a racing heart just before i get one ,was on HRT but was not helping so have stopped taking them with doctors say so,I have underactive thyroid ,also my hands are really painful but doctor thinks that is to do with my back ,i have chronic back due to spongerlitus,he said sometimes you can have transference when you have chronic pain?and just lately I cry at the least thing ,my weight is going up and up and I know my endo will say tomorrow when I see him my results are normal arrrrgh . Any ideas ??

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hi Nanniejane,

l have hashimot's hypothyroiditis..Dont! get me started on the sweats! mine started when l first went on levo..then l stopped the levo and the sweats stopped to..then l spoke to lyn mynott and she suggested a adrenal stress test..that showed l had no cortisol in the l needed treatment for my adrenals..l went private and was given Amour thyroid and dhea/pregnenlone for my adrenals..all was fine..then last year l had to come off the armour as there was a supply problem..l was on levo with cynomel (t3) and still the dhea/pregnenalone..l went in to hospital and had a discectomy..all the while from april till august l was in pain and on high doses of morphine. l lost weight (RESULT!)and was hyper with palpitations and the sweats were TERRIBLE! while in hospital for three weeks they said it was the morphine..l came home and felt october l was rushed to A&E with suspected heart attack..WRONG! it was the thyroid meds..l had to reduce them but still the sweats..then stopped them NO starts in my feet and rises through me with such preasure..l feel like l will explode..all day and throughout the night it doesn't stop..l sweat when l eat..l sweat when l put my hands in hot water to wash up.l sweat in the shower l cant get dry..l put a top on as l am cold then l sweat and fry! also have what l would think are the change sweats.this is different to my exploding sweats..l feel my self flushing on my face and neck for a minute( these are no problem and just pass).in desperation in september l went to see dr peatfield..he says l am the t4 isnt converting to T3 and the surpluse rushes around in your blood and causes the sweats..l have stopped my armour and dhea/pregnenalone and should be now on 20mcg of hydro cortisone ,having worked up from 5mcg over 4weeks ..BUT lm on week 5 and still only taking 1 1/4 mcg hydro cortisone every 2-3 days as when l take it the sweats are worse and my heart beats so fast and l become hyper( hyper l asume is correct as l am not taking medication)...l was advised to get some natural progesterone( l am that age) to help BUT two days in and my face swelled up and my eyes were like slits! so l have stopped ..

l am am obviously very hypo at the mo as l am not taking thyroid meds..BUT my hands,wrists,feet and ankles ache so..and l get sharpe legs are painful and its hard to shoulders are painful l cant bare my bra straps to dig in..and my neck is also blood preasures very low and my hands/feet are freezing..( even throughout the sweats!( its mad)

when l was on the dhea/pregnenalone my mood was good.when l stopped l became low and teary..l was taking these tablets every three days( because of the reactions l was having ) so l was in a circle of high then low..l know a lot of people are prescrbed anti depresents..but knowing how l feel on and off the dhea l really believe that it is hormonal and the dhea can help with the low feeling without the antidepresents..( l havent ever taken these).

As a something else l have had a rash on my face since april l react to sun light and my thumbs keep popping out of the joints.and have had different rashes all summer.( if l were a horse they would of put me down by now!)

my Dr thinks l have lupus..l have had blood tests and now await an appointment for st thomas's hospital lupus clinic..all the symptoms seem to cross over..the pains are linked to both lupus and hypo..sorry for the rant but thats whats happening with me..!! ..l was sitting here VERY HOT when your question popped up .l bet you wished you hadn't asked..l hope you cool down very wishes x.


ps what l didnt mention is ..if you are not converting you are not getting the full benefit of what ever thyroid med you are taking..which leaves your still hypo along with all of the symtoms ..tho your blood tests will show you are normal! ( if your like me, it will be any thing but!!) have you read Dr peatfields book? well worth a expains how you can help yourself..have you taken your morning temperature? that is a good indicactor as to how your doing....x.


Thanks Donna ,its funny because you said the same thing as me about being a horse haha ,most of the things you said is just like myself ,I am taking T3 & T4 and have felt better since the T3 was added although he dident want to give it to me but as my fogs were so bad he said he would let me give it a try ,and they have improved ,but as for everything else I am just at the end ,and the sweats are the worst thing as I'm soaked all day, you said it all just as I have it ,but as you say so many things cross over that I just feel now that does anybody have the answer !!I notice you are going to St Thomas hospital ,what part of the country are you in ? I live just outside London in Kent......x


I have had bad sweats now for at least 7 years. I am 71 yrs. old, and have just been told that a blood test has shown that I have an underactive thyroid. I have had an ultrasound on my neck, and an MRI on my head and neck coming up in 5 days. I am on fentanyl patch for pain (back pain) at 150mg now, as I had to come off of oxycontin that I had taken for over 10 years. The patch is probably 70% effective, so now I am just waiting to see if dr. puts me on meds for ut or not. I have been reading all of the posts, and I have every one of the symptoms listed.


Hi Alschoice , Sorry to here that you are still having sweats after all that time , you did start them a bit older than myself , was you on HRT before ? I bet your not looking forward to the MRI , I had to have a open one when they did mine as I jumped off the table for the closed one lol .

I take pregabalin for my chronic back pain , and I have had injections in my spine twice now , but I must say its starting to get really bad again :(

I know what you mean about the post and having the same things wrong , I think that we all have most of the same symptoms that we read about , I know that I do :( and still have trouble , but in saying that I have a really nice Endo who will listen and try to get me better , he has just increased my thyroxine to see if he can get my metabolism working .

keep me posted as to how you get along , with best wishes for a good outcome :)

Jan xx


Thanks Jan for replying to my post.

I have had numerous MRI's mostly for my lower back, which entails having to go all the way into the tube. Hopefully, since this one is on my head and neck, I will only have to go that far in. If not, I will ask for medication, it is so claustraphobic. Hopefully, i can at least get some answers soon. My back is awful too, but it is always worse in the Spring & Fall. I have a lower back fusion and three vertabrae fused to a rod. I was to have surgery earlier in the year, but I cancelled it out because at my age, it was going to be too much of a surgery. They wanted to fuse my entire spine and I thought the recovery would be too hard on me. There are days I wish I had gone through with it, but mostly I am glad I didn't.


Wow that sounds like a big op , and maybe you was right not to have it if you can put up with the pain , I had CBT to help I suppose it did a bit as it helped me see that I have to live with it , I have spondalitis t 3 4 5 are bad , I have just got a new car and finding it hard to get in , it must be lower than my old car , but I have to get used to it now lol won't get another new one for a few years .

Please do keep in touch and let me know how you get on , are u in the UK ? just that you said spring and fall :)

Jan xx


No, actually I am in Canada, in Ontario.

My sis has a Subaru, and oh my gosh it is so low, it just kills me to get in & out of it. We have a mini-van that also carries my 4 wheeled electric scooter in the back.

What is CBT?



According to Wiki:


x :-)


Thank you Heather 14..Louise


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