How soon can a levo increase start to work?

Just out of interest how soon into a meds increase did you start to notice you felt a bit better?

I suffer from chronic fatigue, muscle weakness and huge energy crashes if I over do it. Some days all I can do is rest. Other days housework and taking care of the children can cause an energy crash so I really have to pace myself every day.

I started 50mg a week ago. I was on 25mg prior to this since May. My tsh was 9.28 when I started treatment and recent results showed it had climbed back up to 7.9 from 6.8.

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Jingyd35 It can take up to about 6 weeks to get the full effect, which is why repeat tests are done 6-8 weeks after a dose increase. However, you may find you feel a difference before that. You are still on a starter dose and have some way to go to get to your optimal dose and thyroid levels in the right place for you.

Are you addressing the low ferritin by supplementing iron, as was suggested in a previous thread? Without ferritin being a minimum of 70, preferably half way through range, then thyroid hormone can't work properly.

Yes I've got my ferritin level up to 49 from 15. I take iron daily.

Thank you 😊

Some of my symptoms went quick but it was a year before I felt about normal.

Thank you 😊

I would imagine everyone will be different. I've found that I respond well to levo, feeling the benefits within a couple of days when my dose has been increased. However, it took 6-8 weeks for me to notice an impact when levo was stopped by my GP, and I then just deteriorated for 5 years until I changed GP to one who put me back on it, and I then started to improve within two days.

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