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horray someone finally listened

hi everyone i thought i let you know that i went to see my gyne for a hystorectomy but the night before i saw him i woke up at 2 45 am with very bad thrush i took medication but did not work until 6 30 am i got a hour sleep until i had to get the kids to school, i felt really ill i was dizzy very nausea and my body ached all over i felt really bad, anyway i got to the hospital and i saw the dr and i just broke down i just felt so ill i only got to 3 of my symptoms when he said well if its what i think it is its quite rare but you have all the signs of your adrenals,he ordered all blood tests to be done straight away on my hormones and told me not to worry that he will do the hystorectomy which will help some of my symptoms and hopefully the blood test will tell us more.

I was so relieved that someone actually listened and cried again with relief , any way i went home i felt dreadful i had to go to bed and i could not get up my whole body ached like i had flu. i have lost weight i was 12 stone 4 now i am 11 stone 5 my appetite is still not that good because the nausea wont go away, but today i am feeling abit better i just feel sleepy and sick but at least i can be up and about, its so hard when you have young kids and all you want to do is go to bed and not move its them that keeps me going hopefully now my bloods will show something and then i know its not in my head or im going mad.

I would just like to say to everyone who has read my blogs and replied thankyou for letting me have a moan i really appreciate it bless you all.

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Thanks for posting this.

I'm sorry no one responded, I hope things have improved for you.




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