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Just back from GP and I've been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism!! After a year of feeling ill, blood tests all over the place,being told that I'm borderline and not needing treatment, my GP today took one look at recent results and prescribed me 50mg of Levo and 210mg of ferrous fumerate.... I feel like a heavy weight has been lifted from my shoulders, yes I know I'm still feeling poorly and have a long way to go until I start to feel 'normal' but feel like things can only get better.

Thank you for this forum its been such a help :) xx

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Thats terrific news - and of course I wish you the best of luck for the rest of your journey.

I share your relief, it made me cry when I was diagnosed because at last I knew it wasn't all in my head and I could look forward to the treatment I needed.

Sounds like you have a good GP.

Jan x


Aww thank you Jan x


Hope it goes well!

Of course, having read lots of posts, you do know to keep the levothyroxine and iron well apart (four hours or more), don't you! :-)



Hi, will be taking levo in the morning and iron in the afternoon, Obviously not on 50mg but 50 micrograms :)



Someone who knows the difference between a milligram and a microgram! Made my day. :-)



That is good news - not that your are hypothyroid! - but that you have been diagnosed.

Many take the Levo at night when they go to bed - it's easier to avoid food that way, and many find it is more effective too.

Hope you do well. You have started on the road. :)


Oh babe that is brilliant news xxx hope you get back to as normal health as soon as possible xx

Ann xx


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