When am i going back to work? Will you feel better monday?

Hi all sorry im bothering you quite alot lately but as you know ive been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism just on monday evening, and have dragged myself into work on other days as felt rough for 3 months now. I have not been to work since monday and had days off previously to that cos felt horrible, going through other examinations trying to find out what was wrong. I have just had a phone call from work saying am i going to go into work nxt week and am i going to be better. I dont know? I have explained to my line manager what i have got and and how im feeling and my sgmptons . I have said just started beta blockers today, i feel under pressure to go but what with feeling quite breathless. Exhausted some times then hyper the next and muscle ache and brain fog i dont think i want to until a startvto feel better and ive not seen endoc yet. Please what shall i do.

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I guess it depends how you feel and what your job actually is. There are no rules you just have to go with how you feel. Once your meds are balanced hopefully you will be fine.

Thankyou witty its early days for me and im not medicated yet

I work in a very busy fast pacing civil service office. Im not ready yet i feel.

You would probably be wise to get a sick note for a week and then get another one at the end of that week if you still feel unwell. You don't need to tell your manager any details of your illness or how you feel, the sick note is enough. If you work for civil service, do you have occupational therapy services? You could ask for a phased return when you're ready to go back and just work mornings for a couple of weeks or whatever your contract allows. Just stick to whatever you agree with your HR dept so everyone knows how to plan their work. Better to take the time off you need and return feeling stronger.

Yes dont feel upto it yet, we do have occup servs so i may have to have a chat with them. I do work 5 days a week 9 -2.30 i would probably want to come in later and finish 2.30. Just want to go back feeling maybe half sorted at least. I will go to docs on monday and get a sick note. Dont think they realise how rubbish it makes you feel and some days exhausted. I want to look after me for a change.

Sounds like a good plan and talking to occy health might be useful too. Maybe when you're ready to return you could do 2 days a week for two weeks then up to 3 days a week and so on and a 10:00 start? It takes time to get things stabilised so if you can take it slow it will help.

I work in civil service too and I'm so grateful for flexi hours. I left today at 3.30 as soon as core time was over. Are you in the union? I would try and stay off as long as you can as you're just making yourself worse. Sadly some EO1's and SO's can be mini Hitler's.

Ha yes matt i know exactly know what you mean about higher management etc, i am in the union but feel they are a waste of time. Yes flexi is great especially when you feel through, i work for the court service and work 9 till 2.30 but just not upto work yet just started beta blockers so not brillant and still need to see endoc. Are you hyper or hypo and when was your diagnosis?

Sorry made a couple of errors on there. Havent got my glasses on

I work in the DWP. I'm hypothyroid and I think it must be near 4 years now since diagnosed.

Did you also have time off work or just tough it out, i can imagine your job is pretty much like mine extremely busy and at workload quite heavy, some days my bottom does not sit on the chair for long enough than 5 mins. Is your hypo managed now.

I was at university when first diagnosed and went to the doctors as I literally could not stay awake at all. I was sleeping all the time and fell asleep during studies. Gained lots of weight and had awful brain fog. Currently have pretty poor results and waiting to see an endocrinologist. Now moving on to higher does of Levo. Also just been confirmed with having hashimotos. My biggest issues at the moment is insomnia and feeling drained all day long. I forget what I'm even talking about. My mind literally feels numb at times.

Yes with working in benefits it is a never ending workload. It never stops.

Matt i never remember what i have said either, ive always been like that for a few years, im also waiting for a urgent referral to endoc. Doc said no longet than 2weeks!! Take it easy.

Hi I'm sorry to hear how your feeling and know exactly how you feel as I'm going through the same I work for the nhs and there sickness policies are enough to make you ill I'm also a union rep and while you may feel that they are a waste of time (That's the reason I became one) I would still seek advice especially if you have an unsympathetic manager and policies like the nhs because regardless you could end up with a sickness review you pay for a service you may as well use it!! Hope you feel better soon!! x

Hi debs1960 hope i didnt offend you too much, not all reps are the same!! Just ours are. You are right thats what im paying them for. Have you been recently diagnosed and feeling rubbish, i have felt poorly the last couple of months.x

Morning i agree with you about reps that's why i became one so I'm not offended 😊 I was finally diagnosed about 5 months ago after having an overactive thyriod on medication a few years ago to underactive now I'm still not right though I am now able to go to work but I have had time off here and there I'm lucky my manager had an overactive thyroid now underactive after having it removed so I get plenty of support hope you get it sorted Gp's are a nightmare x

If it is anything like our place the union reps are totally biased and say things like 'oh thats not very fair in the company is it'. I didnt care about fair, I cared that what they were doing was against what they had agreed, in writing. If in doubt, skip the in house reps and request a rep from your local branch instead, advantage, no bias, disadvantage, takes slightly longer as they are not familiar with individual policies and procedures.

Hopefully now everyone can get free access to tribunals again they will stop playing quite so much silly buggers on the basis you cant afford to fight for your rights.

Good advice. Thankyou.

Hi, I was diagnosed with Graves Disease in March this year. I had 8 weeks off work. I work in a pre-school and my levels are still not under control. I've felt unable to work due to anxiety, nausea, muscle weakness, shaking, palpitations even on Propranaolol etc. We follow the school holidays so am off work at the moment anyway but my boss has said I can work three mornings to begin with to see how I get on in September. I've kept my boss informed after every eight week appointment and tried to keep her in the picture with my symptoms. She has been very understanding. I think it's better to be open and honest and then hopefully your boss will be as understanding x

Thankyou argie1 i think it maybe something similar for me as this horrible condition is not as simple as a stomach bug. I think my boss may not be as sympathetic but at the end of the day i cant help it. I just want to look aftet me.

i have told you your doctor should have signed you off work for at least 2 weeks

driving is also dangerous given your hyperthyroid state

Hi there again, yes i do remember now and you are right!! I do need the time to look after myself. Usually when im ill i will just struggle through but this time im not going to. Thankyou again and yes i should listern to people who know better. I have also started the beta blockers, feel weird at moment sort of spaced out.😨

Beta Bs can make you feel a bit squiffy when you start taking them, your body needs a bit of time to adjust, if it doesn't settle there are others to try.

Dont feel well this morning i feel sick and spaced out.

Hello ive put my bloods results on a new post if you would help aswell.☺x

Feeling spaced out is not a good effect of those beta blockers you need to contact your GP again ...he needs to urgently contact the endocrinologist and get permision to start you on carbimazole

Hello i feel quite sick and spaced out this morning not right. I am going to contact gp

I have wrote a new updated post i am now going to start carbimazole tomorrow only 20mgs, saw another doc but still equally ill informed as the other.x

Glad they saw sense and started you on carbimazole i think it might be wise to only take 10mg for a couple of days if you can as your pretty sensitive to meds

So sorry your docs are so useless

Hello there, i will chop tablet in half when i get it tomorrow. I will pick up results tomorrow and post to you if thats ok? He did say my iron levels were a little low, if thats the case i need that sorting.

Be careful. The manufacturers of one make say this:

Where a single dosage of less than 20mg is recommended, it is intended that Carbimazole 5mg Tablets should be taken.


Thankyou so the tablets will come in 5mg doses so i eont have to half the tablet?

If you have been prescribed 20 milligram tablets, that is what will get dispensed.

You said earlier that you have been prescribed 20 milligrams - but is that per day? Or per dose?

This Patient Information Leaflet says that the tablets are to be swallowed whole.


It is often recommended that the dose is split in two or three - at least to start. This is because it doesn't last very long in your body. A single dose can largely wear off within 24 hours.

Please read the Patient Information Leaflet you get very carefully - and more than once.

Oh i dont know i just think itsvlow dose to start with he did not saybhow many times a day. I will post and let youbknow tomorrow.

Yes - 20 milligrams is at the low end. But you are talking about taking even less! :-)

Should i kept to 20? It was just suggested as a precaution.im still learning.x

Which is more important to you?

a) seeing if you have a reaction to a 10 milligram dose (rather than 20 milligram);


b) stopping your thyroid from continuing to produce too much thyroid hormone as soon as possible?

B. I want to get better. X

I would be very surprised if any of your levels were ok

Lets see when you get the results

Thankyou. You have been so great.!!!😊

Sounds like what I was like back in 2012, you won't feel capable of work until they get you on the right level of meds which can take months, obviously everyone's different but if I had gone back before ready I could have made some very expensive mistakes due to not feeling myself. Do not rush back, just be upfront with your work and tell them this could take months to sort and they had best prep for your absence in the mean time.

Jill thankyou i jill not be going back yet im going to docs on monday to sign me off for a while and takebit from there.x

Sorry jill got spelling wrong there. Brain fog☺

No worries hope your beginning to feel a little better xxx

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