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How relevant to the UK is Dr. Kharrazians book?

I have just found out through yahoo about a new thyroid book which is titled 'Why do I still have thyroid symptoms when my lab tests are normal?' which just about sums up my situation. Once again though it's the all american thing which I have found is often the case when researching thyroid information. Anybody on this site heard of or read this book and if so is it worth purchasing? It feels good to have found a UK forum, thank you.

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This is not going to be very helpful as an answer. Certainly the Yahoo groups are awash with him. But I have no personal knowledge - having not read his book and not even read much about what he recommends.

I am, however, deeply sceptical of anyone who has a mysterious "protocol", whose apostles seem to sign up for training, and then go off selling their newly-gained knowledge at considerable cost. It has the looks (from afar) of pyramid selling scams.

At the same time, maybe he has got something of potential real benefit?

And I have not yet heard of any UK-based person who has been trained and is offering the protocol.

If you do decide to buy, do let us know what you think?

All the best



Thanks helvella,

I have brought books off the internet before which profess to know all the answers to this seemingly complicated condition and have found that they just left me feeling even more bewildered and frustrated by it all, particuarly when they are USA based. Sometimes I just don't know what to believe or what to do next. I am at present awaiting my first appointment with an endocrinologist in November but from what I have read on other thyroid groups do not hold out much hope.


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