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GP who listens, yippee


I want to share a good experience I had yesterday.

I went to see a GP at my surgery yesterday, been feeling tired, very 'alice in wonderlandish' ish anyone out there knows what I mean, light headed, cold , aching muscles, hot sweatins, palpitations and just generally offish, so I got to see a new doctor, mine wasn't available, Thank Goodness!!!, she had looked at my notes, asked about my concentration and muzzy head and listened to me, what a relief, I was getting rather het up about this appointment I felt as if I was imagining it, until I went light headed while waiting to be seen, anyway she said that I was due a blood test and also asked if I would mind being tested for diabetes, as a start and we'll see where we go from there, her words. I told her that I I hadn't put these symptoms together with my thyroid until I joined this site and started researching it and she was supportive and thought it was a good idea that I was informing myself. At the end of the appointment I actually felt a bit better because she'd listened and didn't feel that I was wasting time, my goodness does that help or what.....

There are doctors out there who understand, thank goodness I found one.


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Dear Deifersmum,

so glad that you found a good Doctor!Hope that your problems are all thyroid and that you don't have Diabetes, but is good to be tested just to be sure. Good luck for the future!



Hi Lesley,

You're so lucky, and yes, le't's hope it's only thyriod. I went to my GP because I'm still not feeling right even though I've been taking thyroxine for two years and I had to beg to be tested for diabetes (it wasn't that), so then had another battle to have my T3 levels tested, she agreed in the end but told me whatever the result on that she would not do anything with them! I'm waiting for the results on monday... Then I hope to find just as understanding a GP as you have.

For now good luck and let's hope you get the treatment you need. All the best,



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