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Can anyone help with Blood Test Results Advice please

Hi Everyone. Ive just had my latest blood test results.

free T3 is 4.2 ref range of 3.0- 6.2

free T4 is 15.3 ref range of 12.0-22.0

TSH is 6.9 ref range 12.0-22.0

My last test TSH was 51.2 and i felt half dead that was 2 months ago but to be honest i still feel dreadful. was originally on 100mcg levothyroxine but now about to start on 175

As id only been taking the extra levothyroxine 4 weeks when my blood test was carried out by the private Dr. is it likely the free T4 and TSH will change over the next few weeks as i have read it takes 6/8 weeks for TSH to change. I guess what im asking is does anyone think that my free T4 will go higher on its own, or perhaps i need an increase in meds for any of the symptoms? worse one being pain, but lots and lots more. Any help appreciated.

Thanks. Angel54

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Hi, Can you clarify what dose you had been taking when this test was done, was it 100mcg? And you've been told to increase from 100mcg to 175mcg? Have I got that right?


Hi RedApple, i had been on 100 mcg for a few years when i had that really high tsh done, but just previously to that i had had a stomach bug which could explain the 51.2 result, as maybe i wasnt absorbing the levothyroxine. so my GP upped it to 125mcg for a week and then take 150 which ive now taken for approx four weeks when the last test was carried out at the beginning of September. Im now about to take 175mcg. Hope this makes sense.

Thanks Angel

<b>Updated on Sep 16 2010 6:41PM:</b> Hi Redapple, sorry i put the wrong TSH range, in my first question. it is 0.4 - 4.0

thanks Angel


Ok I think I've got it now! A TSH of 6.9 is still rather high for someone on replacement medication. So I'm not at all surprised that you have lots o symptoms and are in pain - I would be too!

Yes it is possible TSH will drop a little more over the coming weeks if you were to stay on the dose of 150mcg. But I doubt it will drop enough to alleviate your symptoms. Most people need their TSH to be near the bottom of the range (around 1). So I think your GP is right to suggest the increase to 175mcg.

Probably better to wait until you've been taking the 175mcg for at least 6 weeks, possibly 8 weeks, before you get your next test done.


Thanks for the reply, yes i will start on the 175mcg and give it approx 8 weeks before my next test and hopefully my tsh will get to the right part of the range to affect and hopefully reduce symptoms.

Ive learnt so much from this site, and realise tht it can take a long time.

Best wishes



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