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What meeds are best to start on if hypo

Thissite has been a great source if support as I have ploughed through the process of diagnosis. I have seen the Endo who has agreed I have the symptoms of hypo but as Tsh is 2.6 it could be some other hormonal issue. He has had n

Me tested for all sorts Inc adrenal issues, cortisol Ft3and Ft4 and Tpo antibodies.

I now have a six week wait to see the results. If I am hypo is there a general view on the best form of thyroid meeds to take as I am confused by so much reading....or does it all depend on the test results? I ask so that I am niot, if can be helped, paled off with something that is less than good from the start...assuming I can get a word in to the Endo! So far I seem to be very lucky with the way things are in my part of the postcode lottery of the Nhs.. Hampshire seems to be reasonable or maybe just my part of it?

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There doesn't seem to be any choice in the UK now nearly all the Levothyroxine (drug used to treat hypothyroidism) is Generic and comes from approx 6 different manufacturers. I was originally told if possible to get a branded version of this drug but they seem to be no longer available on NHS although you could try (the generic version is slighty cheaper). If you end up taking Levothyroxine make sure it comes from the same source each script and if one doesn't suit you try another.


Thanks for that...ive read so much about meeds Levothyroxibe...Armour....desiccated and didn't know which was which which that's useful to know


A TSH of over 2.5 would be classed as hypothyroid in Germany, Sweden, Belgium and America..... If you have thyroid antibodies (hashimotos) demand treatment before you get so bad, that permanent damage is done, no matter what the tsh result is.

Meds generally given are T4 (thyroxine) and more than 80% of people do fine with them. The other people, rant, rail, find forums, argue with docs, self treat, and become experts :)


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Thanks for that tsh was also done about 1.30pm too.From all thre reading I have dine that's what I thought I would be hypo...I am sure I tired can't get off the sofa lost half my eyebrows, constipation peeing through the night, brittle nails. Also occurred to mr my Mum had CFS /ME years ag very seriously and Crohns disease thankfully in remission.

Endo, seen a week ago said tsh didn't mean I was hypo, but didn't mean I wasn't either and has asked about 14 blood tests for every normal thing Inc all thyroids and TPO antibodies. testosterone, oestradiol and of the admin staff here sent me an NHS site with expplanatioin of all the initials and meanings and range of values which is v. Helpful.

So I start collecting all my pee for24 hrs at 9 am to hand in at 9amTues when I will get the bloods done. He said it had to be at 9 because of the cortisol.

Anyway please stay in touch you sound really is good to read that levothyroxine works for 80percent cos after all the stuff I have read it sounds like no one gets the right treatment...but I kmow of three. Women who have hypo, have treatment work and live normal lives but guess what they aren't on any sites and they aren't experts!,

<b>Updated on Sep 5 2010 7:20PM:</b> Indont know anything abbot antibodies ....if ANY antibodies present on testing is it significant or does it have to reach a certain level?


hi..iv just read this and thankyou nellyb even though it wasnt meant for has TSH 2.59 and mt T4 12 was told by my gp that it was satisfactory and i should take up swimming.....mmmm...very helpful when i can hardly drag myself out of bed ......why is this country so different from others....its just crazy...xxxx so far i got PCOS high blood pressure..high cholesterol...and on the road to diabetes....yet im fine supposedly.....brain fog is awful cant function and have no idea where to go next with this xxxx


High cholesterol is one of the ways they used to diagnose hypothyroidism before the TSH test. The hypo affects the blood lipids.

What you should do, is check your symptoms against a list of hypo symptoms and write them down. Take your temperature before getting out of bed in the morning, for a week, and if it's low then this indicates Hypo. Write to your doctor listing everything and point out that a tsh of over 2.5 is treated in other countries... (USA, Sweden, Belgium and look up the others) and ask for a trial of thyroid hormones to see if they alleviate your symptoms. Send a copy of the letter to the practice manager and ask for it to be placed in your file. If the doc refuses to treat, ask to be sent to an expert of your choice as the doc clearly is not managing your condition. Then, carefully research the endo's. There is a list available from the web site, (you might need to subscribe) or I think it is free if you go to Thyroid Patient Advocacy. (another thyroid charity)



thankyou is crazy that when you are at your lowest and feeling realy ill that you have to go into battle to get help in this country.....b ut thankyou for your reply....and i will keep fighting because i have no choice anymore...just cant go on as i am


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