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Hi All,

I am new to this group so sorry if this has already been answered, my wife has been diagnosed and treated for both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, and now after seeing the specialist she is Thyrotoxicosis in remission, we are about to go away on our honey moon and I was wanting to ask, what should I put down for her in the medical screening part of a travel insurance form? As they only have Thyrotoxicosis as a option and not Thyrotoxicosis in remission or do I put her under hypo/hyperthyroidism. Again any experience or advice in this matter would be hugely appreciated. Many Thanks


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  • This is my own viewpoint:

    Your wife has had Thyrotoxicosis - she doesn't at present.

    She has had hyperthyroidism but doesn't now.

    She is now hypothyroid so I would put hypothyroidism on the form.

    I hope you both have a nice, relaxing holiday as you both would have gone through quite a lot together and your wife keeps well.

  • Thank you Shaws really appreciate the advice

  • I was struggling with my travel insurance too.

    After reading the Product Disclaimer brochure (numerous times!) I found the best thing was to ring the company (make sure they are recording the call) and question them on what you should disclose. That way if something does go wrong, and hopefully nothing does!, they can't put it back on you for not being open and informing them.

    I'm not sure what country you are in but I should also add that the majority of insurance companies in Australia took into account the previous 12mths of medical history.

  • Agree ,phone and ask ,then send a letter recording what you were told.

    I found myself told by he insurers to speak to the underwriters about a range of issues including ongoing tests and prescriptions. All was ok .

  • Thank you Skyek.

  • I always declare my hypothyroidism.

    It is so common it is not a problem and has NEVER inflated premiums.

    Keep all pills in hand luggage. You are supposed to take a presciption copy but I have never been stopped re my meds. .... only for wearing a money belt under my clothes & hauled off by armed personnel ... but that's another story. ! ..

    Have a happy trip marrco. Hope it's somewhere hot, sunny, relaxing & beautiful.


  • I like the sound of the other story... x

  • Thank you flower great advice.

  • Hi Marco

    I have Graves' disease and when first diagnosed went on holiday to menorca I spoke to the travel insurance advisor who told me I didn't have a listed health problem so no extra charges were needed. Remember your wife should get a medication form from her doctor advising what see takes , easier to get through customs. I made the mistake of having eye drops in my pocket. Haha

  • Oh no duster I hope you didn't get into to much trouble with the eye drops and thank you for your advice

  • Oh dear. I think I should review my insurance policy. My insurers told me they would exclude (i.e. not allow any claim for) anything to do with hypothyroidism as i had declared it. Hopefully they don't understand hypothyroidism to the extent i do otherwise they could probably argue that being run over by a bus was a direct result of hypothyroidism.

  • Thank you everyone for your helpful advice and I am so glad I found this community. I will let you know how it all goes!

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