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know your own body

l have gone HYPER and felt ill also whist taking as prescibed..


vitamin D

and Iodine/Tyrosine

l took these individualy whilst having a good hypo base line..

l took them for just a day in some cases l was hyper by the evening or next day..

My Dr said that l was lacking in Iodine..but had heart attack like symptoms palpitations and chest pain and a groggy feeling by midday l didnt bother with the hospital this time as l knew what was going more iodine /tyrosine for me..

l was prescribed Maca-3 as a aid to adrenal function..which does lift your mood but doesn't stop the SWEAT!

any way back to the story...l had new bloods and Urine tests 25th July..l was supposed to wait untill 25th August for the results (because of Drs holidays)

l had told him how poorly l felt at my last visit all HYPO symtoms ++++++

sad depresed no energy LOW blood presure ALL THE SAME OLD STUFF from three years ago!( but still sticking to the diet he had given me for allmy allergies more to come in a blog)

plus l told him, as l was for the years l had ME, l couldn't wake up in the mornings and got better energy levels by mid evening to the point of not being able to sleep at bed time..l was also so highly strung and jumpy..

LAST NIGHT l GOT AN EMAIL!!!from the Dr who told me he was not contactable for August.

to tell me l am VERY HYPO ( l knew that!) and that my adrenal gland function was EXTREMLY LOW!( what would you expect with no treatment since January!)


he wants me to try and up my Armour dose (not possible) and also to start taking my DHEA /pregnenalone capsules as soon as!(good job l have them with me)l didn't take a whole capsule as l reacted to them in January so l broken open the capsule and removed half the contents and will try and see if all goes well with this dose for a week or more before l take a full DHEA capsule before l up my Armour dose again..l haven't recieved my test results yet,so don't know my levels etc but l wanted to say L TOLD YOU SO IN MAY!

l was so low back in June untill l read a book by MARY J SHOMAN live well with hypothyrodism and later the Hypothyroid diet..l started my own blog clucking-abouthypothyroid.b... where l ramble on about my weight loss on the programe(or lack of it!) and how l have felt these last few months with the adding and taking away of tablets..what l have found is

" Reaction comes from despair" a quote from Joan Baez...taken From Marys book..

l believe this to be true of me at least..when l am poorly low and so fed up of the

situation l get to a place of being so CROSS that nothing is helping or improving my situation that l read, research ,ask ,phone and go on line to CHANGE the situation..hard when you haven't the energy to make a cup of tea!but l've got to a place now that l have the confidence to suggest or askmy Dr what l want!(maybe he wont agree but at least he knows how l feel)!as Mary also says we are on a road of tablets for life,we have a condition for life but you can live well with it!( hopefully eventually)!!

thankyou for reading this 1 was on my soap box today!

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Hi again, Donna.


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