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Had second Astra Zeneca Vaccine Jab this a.m.

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I was amazed there was so few in the pharmacist as both husband and myself were in and out in minutes.

I am assuming many are only getting one jab instead of the recommended two.

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I think they are pushing the 2nd jab more so than the 1st at the minute. There was something about them not doing the 1st for 2 weeks - just 2nd. I’n not sure if that is to do with supply. My son, a care-worker, had the 1st on NY eve. He had a couple of reactions 3 wks and 5 wks after. Has developed an allergy. So he is awaiting more testing before considering his 2nd. I wonder if the clotting issue is making some wary of getting 2nd?

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shawsAdministrator in reply to UrsaP

Probably you're right in people being wary. It is quite scary to think about it happening.

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Scrumbler in reply to shaws

I’ve heard of several people who are refusing a second vaccine. I will be there in the queue for mine. So far stats show that Covid causes more clots than the vaccine.

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shawsAdministrator in reply to Scrumbler

I agree - when we think back to what jabs have benefitted many thousands of people for years, i.e. poliomylitis, measles, german measles, etc etc. There were a couple of young people in my school who had been disabled through polio.

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UrsaP in reply to shaws

I think the big problem with this vax is that it is designed different to the previous, as it is to do with mRNA. I’m not claiming to understand it all but I’m very wary. When anything negative about the vax is being quashed and pushed out of the media, I have to question why. If the powers that be could answer the worries surrounding the alternative thinking, then they would, instead they vilify the people who are actually quite well positioned and qualified to speak out. Which raises questions. FB posting a banner, on every comment about anything remotely vax connected, stating that the Vax has gone through many safety tests - but fails to acknowledge that it hasn’t gone through all it should have done or that this vax programme is actually ‘the’ human trial stage. Again, raises questions. I think, like all treatments/vaccinations etc...there is risk and benefit. But I think it is wrong to vilify anyone for having it or not. It has to be a personal choice. Personally I am avoiding for now, not saying never, but I want to get to the bottom of what is going on with me already, before I decide to have or definitely not have. I don’t want to be clouding the issue further. I am now wary as my son has developed an allergy since having his first jab. I don’t agree with passports and restrictions. If someone has had the vax, their choice, and they should be protected. Those that choose not to have it for whatever reason are entitled to make their choice and should not be penalised. Anyone not having the vax have to accept that they might be more at risk of catching C19. Precautions can be taken in the form of Vitamins and such.

Nothing the Gov/NHS have said has convinced me of anything this last year and more. I do think figures have been manipulated to suit. I.e. not being able to get tested in the south of England at a time when the North is deemed to be rife with C19, and testing was readily available everywhere. hmmmm? Lies damn lies and statistics. False positives, Wrong RCP rates.

I think the bigger, more long term, danger is loss of freedoms of choice, protest and speech.

Clots are not the only side effect. I think this has been publicised due to the seriousness of it, but all other side effects are being played down. I just wish this Gov would be more transparent and give the public the real picture and trust us to then be able to make a better informed judgement. Sadly they have created an ethos of mistrust with the constantly changing their minds and doing everything they say they wont!

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MissGrace in reply to UrsaP

AZ jab isn’t mRNA. Pfizer and Moderna are. AZ uses adenovirus - as does Johnson and Johnson which appears to have a similar blood clotting issue. (Link below explains AZ and Pf difference.)

Other than that, I’m keeping my opinions to myself. I think it’s something we all need to decide individually what is right for us. All we can do is try to read and find out as much as we can to make an informed decision. The yellow card info on each vaccine is interesting reading.

Wishing you all good health, no matter what.

This explains the difference more:



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shawsAdministrator in reply to Scrumbler

I had no problem with my first jab, neither did three members of my family. It must be awful for those who've developed Covid.

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scorpiojo in reply to UrsaP

I had no idea that there were side effects (apart from the possible clot thing) that long after... I know we don’t know re really long long term - what did they experience?

I haven’t had any & in a way keep waiting lol I’m nearly 3 wks post 1st jab... To Shaws, stay well x

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UrsaP in reply to scorpiojo

Doesn’t it take up to 3 weeks for the vax to build up in the system. Sadly most reactions will not get reported. My hubby had his 1st one, and was ill for a few days, and continues to struggle with fatigue. He tried to Yellow card his initial reactions as he was asked to do but could not get through onto the system. He gave up. I doubt my son’s reaction will be attributed to the jab as he has been waiting for blood results for weeks.

I hope you don’t get any reactions.

The problem is we are all so different.

They know that something like a 3rd of the people who died in the 1st wave had underlying diabetes, but diabetes was not on the vulnerable list. A friend with type 1 was told by her specialist to isolate, that the only reason diabetes was not on the vulnerable list was because there was not enough ‘support’ in place to cope with the numbers.

We think my son had SARs back in 2001/2 (can’t quite remember) He was hospitalised with very low sats on return from a holiday. It was frightening as the only sign was him being a little hoarse, and by chance I had persuaded him to walk to the shop with me and he got out of breath very quickly. He was eventually pumped with steroids to stabilise his sats.

Every child admitted that weekend had the same symptoms. They never told us what it was, said it was the 1st episode of asthma, we knew it wasn’t. About a month later SARs hit the headlines. He also had asymptomatic C19 last year. I wonder was the Jab just too much for him, if he already had natural antibodies? I wonder, in my layman mind, if we should be tested to see if we need the vax before being given it, many may have antibodies without realising it, a bit like the TB jab, they check if we need it first?

I think there are various reactions documented on the Gov site and on other countries Gov pages. Some ridiculous reports... e.g. the jab given to people who are comatose and in the end of life stage, with expectation of days to live and they wonder why they died immediately following the jab! Crazy.

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Batty1 in reply to UrsaP

I just saw a medical report about these blood clots and vaccine and they are saying people who have gotten blood clots from vaccine have a rare blood clotting disorder called something-something (thrombocytopenia) I believe that was the name not shore about the other 2 long names it had.

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There’s currently a temporary reduction in vaccination supplies. They are mainly doing 2nd doses at moment

I had my first AZ yesterday- got a text message inviting me for it late morning and was jabbed by dinner time. Massive queues. Queued for over 30 minutes. The short notice worked well as a close friend is the same age and living in Germany. She spent some time telling me not to have AZ on Tuesday because isn’t safe for her because of her age in Germany, yet it is safe for me at the same age here and I’d read that morning that Denmark is stopping it completely, mainly because they have lowish infection rates, they said. Frankly, I didn’t want to sit around and overthink it, but did voice concerns to the chap vaxing me and we had a bit of a giggle about the US halting the J&J jab whilst guns are legal... different cultures have different perspectives on risk v rights or risk v freedoms, I guess. I’d long been nervous about it but felt I should to “do my bit”. Recent news from abroad didn’t make it any easier, put it that way. Interestingly, according to my friend (who is of course only one of many German people, so perhaps not entirely representative) the sense of compulsion to “do your bit” by taking the vaccine, be it for the NHS or front line workers more generally, isn’t anything she recognises in her culture. But as we witnessed in the UK (“protect the NHS”) the NHS has a strange resonance and is trusted, which of course helps, given that it is implementing the vaccine programme.

What amused me, as I struggled into my big girl pants yesterday and took the short walk to the surgery, was that I don’t trust the NHS with my thyroid, and yet off I went to “do my bit”, in my mind, to help those who helped the rest of us... and before I sound too selfless here, I have outlaws in the US who I hope to see again one day and I love collecting states on my visit to that diverse and wonderful crazy place, so I have some selfish motivations too!

I have a sore arm for my troubles and a bored husband who has to keep hearing how heroic and brave I was. And a sticker. They gave me a sticker!! I was so proud!

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Naomi8 in reply to Lotika

Love that you have outlaws in the US!

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Ellie-Louise in reply to Naomi8

I probably hunt them out for their bounties in Red Dead Online. 😂

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Lotika in reply to Naomi8

Ha ha, yeah, they are on the Eastern Shore and the husband grew up in Texas.

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Batty1 in reply to Lotika

First off US halted JJ vaccine because of some women dying from blood clots and the guns have nothing to do with the vaccine and in the US we have the right to bear arms this doesn’t make people here crazy for owning guns you make it out like we all walk around with guns slung across our backs and having gun fights in the streets (ha) not true only place you see gun violence is in our inner cities because the powers in charge refuse to deal with these criminals. For me personally I don’t own a gun its not my thing but I don’t judge those that do it their choice and our right as a US citizen and don’t pay too much attention to the news they always tend to create mountains out of mole hills, I guess its job security!

Hello shaws I haven't had mine at all yet as i have been so ill with everything plus the anxiety on top, it really worries me. I have never worried about vaccines before though xx

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shaws and eveyone else reading here, please don't forget to add your experience to our vaccine polls. That way, we can keep the information all together, making the data more available for everyone to see.

1st jab poll is here healthunlocked.com/thyroidu....

2nd jab poll is here healthunlocked.com/thyroidu...

If you had any reaction to AZ jab 1, how did jab 2 compare?

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shawsAdministrator in reply to Bearo

I've had no reactions to either jabs and feel fine.

To UrsaP,

I have sympathy with your nervousness, and certainly don’t want to criticise your feelings or comment on what directly concerns your family and you. You are quite right in saying that some people react to having vaccinations whereas others don’t, and I am absolutely not questioning any of your personal experiences, and don’t want to cause you any upset.

However, it would be wrong to leave all your assertions unchallenged.

1) Negative reports are all over the media, they are not “quashed and pushed out”. The vaccine is freely reported on every day. The people who are well qualified to speak on it are indeed doing so.

For example, regarding the clots on the brain, these occur anyway all the time, but of course are not reported in the news. It is inevitable that we are hearing lots about them now, even though it can give a misleading impression - and that is itself a good example of the fact that negative reports are freely published in all media every day, and questions are asked by trained, professional, independent reporters and journalists.

2) “t hasn’t gone through all it should have done or that this vax programme is actually ‘the’ human trial stage “.

Sorry, this is simply incorrect. ALL the same trials, ALL the required trials, have been completed and evaluated BEFORE the regulator permitted ANY Covid vaccine to be used on the general population. The vaccination programme is NOT “the human trial stage”.

But what is true is that :

a) the process of getting to the stage of approval by the medical regulator has not been subject to normal delays, because everything has been thrown at this (time, manpower, funding) in a way that never normally happens; and

b) of course it is the case that as the vaccine is distributed to the wider population, additional data will be gathered, reviewed, and reported on – and this is exactly what is taking place. It is also what happens all the time with any approved medicine.

3)”Clots are not the only side effect. ... all other side effects are being played down.”

Sorry, but what is the basis of this claim?

...Attending for the Covid injection was the first time ever that I have had to listen to advance warnings of possible side effects before receiving a vaccination. (They never bothered with anything like that when I had a flu jab, for comparison!) Not only that, I was given the full medicine leaflet wih all the advice and warnings, to take away – same as you get in the packet of any medication you buy. (Also never had that with any other previous vaccine injection.)

I will quote from the actual Covid vaccine leaflet: “Like all medicines, this vaccine can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them.” It goes on to give you more details about them, and advice , and also tells you how to report any side effects.

In your family’s case, if you couldn’t get through to the yellow card site, did you/ your husband report to a doctor, pharmacist, or practice nurse? They are supposed to be the first port of call for reporting side effects, and I do urge you to do so if you haven’t yet.

Whatever anyone may think of this government, I don’t think it means we can’t respect and listen to their medical advisers; and I try and listen carefully to those who are genuinely in a position to understand and assess the implications of all the scientific and statistical work which is constantly going on.

Please let’s note Shaws’ comment: “when we think back to what jabs have benefitted many thousands of people for years, i.e. poliomylitis, measles, german measles, etc etc. There were a couple of young people in my school who had been disabled through polio.”

Were it not for all the vaccination programmes of the 20th century, so many of us here today could well have been disabled or killed. Allow me to add to Shaws’ list Tetanus, Smallpox, Tuberculosis, Diphtheria, Typhus,Typhoid, Hepatitis, and undoubtedly others I can’t immediately bring to mind. We have taken our safe, inoculated lives for granted. (Why do you think average life expectancy was so much lower for our ancestors? Not that they couldn’t live as long as us – some did, it’s an average only – but there was no protection against and no treatment for virulent infections, or for gangrene… - but I risk digressing.)

The point is, vaccines have prevented so much horrible disease, disability and death. The Covid19 vaccines are the most scrutinised and reported-on vaccines in history so far. Whether or not one chooses to receive one’s coronavirus jabs, my argument is that we should not get misled into wrong beliefs about how they have been developed, tested, approved, and monitored in the roll-out.

Probably the biggest worry (for most of us) should be the threat from the dangerous new variants of Covid which are coming our way.

Very well said and I wholeheartedly agree. Thank you for posting this.

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We asked the nurse at our practice we’re less people turning up for the second jab but she said everyone had arrived. Certainly pretty busy when we were there.

We are waiting to be called by the surgery. We had our first on Feb 6th. and the 12 weeks are up on May 1st. so hopefully any time soon.

I also had my second jab on Thursday afternoon and it was as efficient as the first one. Did have a bit of an upset stomach yesterday, but it seems fine today and no other symptoms. My daughter in her 40s has also had her first one.

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I shall quote RedApple 's earlier reply on this thread.

shaws and eveyone else reading here, please don't forget to add your experience to our vaccine polls. That way, we can keep the information all together, making the data more available for everyone to see.

1st jab poll is here healthunlocked.com/thyroidu....

2nd jab poll is here healthunlocked.com/thyroidu...

Now I shall close the thread to further replies.

The thread is splitting information - at least some of which would be better posted on the specific vaccination polls.

And it has engendered discussion of many off-topic issues such as the second amendment to the constitution of the USA. Which are way, way off topic and liable to cause heated argument.

The ability to reply to this post has been turned off.

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