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Anyone had this?

Over the past 6 months, when I started getting ill I recorded all the symptoms I have had, my doctor is unconvinced that these are caused by my untreated hypothyroid issue, I'm wondering if anyone has had similar symptoms with hypo, as generally my doctors don't seem to have a clue what they are doing.

Please let me know if you have had any of the following -


- feel inflamed after eating, sinus and teeth, stomach, seems to reduce after 1 hour

- eye pain about right eye

- Lightheaded

- difficulty walking around flat and outside

- shortness of breath

- arm numbness, worse when stressed now getting pain in hand with this

- chest pain

- difficulty walking outside and around house

- Reflux

- dizziness

- recurrent ear infections

- palpitations

- dizzy and lightheaded after eating

- symptoms worse when doing exercise

- discomfort in left side under ribs

- tinnitus in both ears, deafness in one

- buzzing in left ear, ringing in right

- tiredness

- weight loss, 1 stone in 1 month

- adrenaline rushes

- feel insanely hungry in morning or when stressed, unable to cope with hunger

- tightness in chest

- feel too hot

- difficulty catching breath when exercising, walking or stressed

- temors inside sometimes

- issues improve when I am sitting down or laying down

- IBS type symptoms

- symptoms trigger anxiety attack

- grinding in stomach under left ribs

- sinus inflammation

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From personal experience I would highly recommend requesting a copy of all of your medical records. You're legally entitled to this, details here:

Go through them with a fine toothcomb, in my case I found plenty of mistakes and all became clear.

If you have any test results please include them, a new post would be the best way.

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I actually asked for my medical records and my GP surgery got quite aggressive about it all of why I need to know all these details and it would be a lot of work for them? Do you need to pay for them to do it?

Would they be written in terms that would be easy to understand?

I don't understand why the nhs treats people in such a horrific way, they have been absolutely pathetic with me.


Read the link I supplied, all the info is there. Don't be intimidated, it's your right to have a copy.

The NHS is answerable to nobody and neither are doctors. Thanks to so much available info on the net patients have become empowered and can refuse to be fobbed off.

EDIT: no charge to view.


Ok thanks :-) I'll take a look and try for it, is it easy enough to read the notes?


They can make a reasonable charge for copys.


Do you know the sort of few they may charge? I'm just on ESA so it would be difficult for me to pay


I paid £50 but your other option is to make an appointment to view them which would mean that someone will sit with you by the computer screen. A camera or phone camera would be useful for taking pics of records. It should say in the link if there's a charge for this. You basically need to be pro-active.


Wow! £50 that is hard for the nhs to justify that just to see your own medical records, that is scandalous, I'll call them and ask thanks for the thought :-)

Did you find many mistakes?


No charge for looking so that's good.


No ,sorry, others may.


A LOT of your symptoms are related to food intolerances!! It could be that you have Hashimotos Thyroiditis where you swing from Hypo to Hyper as some of your symptoms sound Hyper!

You need to get your full lab results and find out if your antibodies have been tested - TPO Ab and TG AB. If not request these along with TSH, Free T4, Free T3 and Reverse T3.

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Definitely get a copy of your medical records as it will help you to track trends and also to question any items that are "out of range". So often docs will tell patients their results are "fine" or "normal" when in fact, some results are not.

Your symptoms could be due to thyroid. They could also be due to autoimmune. I have lupus (SLE) and Sjogrens Symdrome along with hypothyroidism and exoerience many of your sumptoms (some have been alleviated by proper meds).

It is important to note that my thyroid results were always "within normal range" so I had to go to a functional medicine endo (private) in order to get any treatment. My dxs of lupus and Sjogrens came after.

Curious...Do you have any loss of eyebrows and eyelashes, especially the outer third?


On the main TUK page, there is a list of symptoms that you can check off.

There are over 300 known symptoms of hypo - and by 'known', I mean that they are things that improve when treated - but I doubt anybody has them all!

Doctors know absolutely nothing about symptoms. They could possibly cite one or too - fatigue, low blood pressure, perhaps - but they have no idea of the more obscure symptoms.

Having said all that, some of your symptoms sound like B12 deficiency. B12 deficiency mimics hypo symptoms. So, have you had that tested? Your doctor might do it for you, but he will not understand the results. If your result is right at the bottom, he will say it's 'fine', but it isn't. It needs to be at least > 500 - optimal is 1000. So, do get that tested, and post your results on here. :)


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