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Levothyroxine brand

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What brand of levothyroxine it’s available in UK ate the moment please? Found out some of them make me feel bloating, taking 75m a day.....thank you

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Hi, I am on accord . 50 mg,At the moment I am pretty well. I have worked with meds exercise avoided certain foods. They only thing I had was jelly legs in a morning. I was having an early dinner around five pm then going without food until the next morning. I thought to do this to get the maximum from the med into my thyroid but taking the tablet at night giving maximum benefit. My ache in my legs stopped heart beat now normal had been in the low fifties. To stop the jelly legs I think it has been blood sugars hubby is diabetic so I cut out far too much sugar, The answer maybe a snack a quick biscuit at around eight pm . I did that last night . This morning no jelly legs so I hope I am right about the blood sugar. But I have no bloating nothing feel well toilet issues fine normal.

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List of UK brands here on helvella's document:


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