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Which Levothyroxine brand

Thinking of trying different brand Levo, have been on Teva for years. The only alternatives that I have found locally are Mercury Pharma or Almus. Does anyone have any experience of these or recommends ?

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It's very individual, what suits one person may not suit you. How have you been on Teva? We hear about a lot of members having side effects from that brand, but if it suits you why change?

I have Actavis, which is the same as Almus and Northstar (rebranded for the pharmacies that supply those), haven't had a problem with it and wouldn't consider changing.

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Almus is Actavis just packaged for Almus. I find its the only one that suits me. I haven't tried Wockhardt. TEVA made me Ill but it's since been reformulated.


I'm on Wockhart and it seems to be OK so far. I dread having to change it. I think I've read they don't make a very large dose tablet so that's worrying.

Teva nearly killed me in a week!


I haven’t been good on Teva, extreme tiredness, brain fog, shoulder pain, hand pain and finger stiffness, no arthritis but seem to be tendon problems.

Will be getting full bloods including vitamins with Medicheck in around 3 weeks time, need to wait until then as Levo dose was changed about 5 weeks ago. That’s why I thought it may be worth trying a different Levo brand, of course it may all be autoimmune issues and nothing to do with Levo brand.


I'm on a combination of 25mcg Wochardt and 50 mcg of Northstar (actavis) no issues.

I was on TEVA 50 mcg and it made me very angry and ratty.

As per the advice given to me on here, If your dosage is increased make sure before, you get your tablets to ask the pharmacy what brand they are, they brought out the boxes to show me.

There was no way I was taking TEVA again, (filled out a yellow card as well).

I had to go to different chemist to avoid TEVA. This is why I always collect my prescription and not have it sent directly to a chemist in case they decide to stock TEVA only.

Best Wishes


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