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Just a month left on the petition - please sign and share if you agree that hyperthyroidism should be added to the MedEx list.


Hi all, you may have already seen this petition floating about. There’s only a month left to sign and it’s only at 1060 signatures. It’ll take a small miracle to get all the signatures so everyone’s support would be really welcomed. Thanks all


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I have shared it around a few groups on fb. I get very disheartened with thyroid people sometimes. We moan about all sorts from treatment from gp and endos to cost of prescription and correct tests not being done but are to complacent to help ourselves . That’s my moan for the week anyway. Fingers crossed it gets enough support. 😢

I totally agree. It’s our health on the line and we absolutely should be shouting out.

lea57-49r in reply to DeeD123

I’m hypothyroid and have just signed petition.

Chunipet in reply to DeeD123

Good cause. Signed. Easy to do.

Thank you both :)


Thank you :)

✔️ mx🌹

Thank you :)

Signed - it took 30 seconds - please help - we are a thyroid community, should help and it doesn't take much effort.

Thank you!! There’s enough people on this forum to get it debated in parliament. Please sign !

Signed ❤️

Thank you :)

Signed and added to facebook

Oh thank you :)

Duly signed.

Thank you so much


Thank you


Thank you :)

Signed and shared

Thank you for sharing :)

Signed and shared in FB

Great thank you

Signed, but think I may have done this some time ago. Will share to fb.

Thanks for sharing !


Thanks for the support :)

200 signatures in 2 days ! Please do sign if you agree. It takes 30 seconds to do so and could really help those of us that struggle to keep up with the financial cost of constant dosage changes/new drugs.

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