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Too much T3!


Can anyone advise what to do... I took 75mcg of Levo and 2.5mcg (half a 5mcg) of Lio yesterday morning, then took 1.25mcg of Lio 6 hours later, I took a further 0.62mcg of Lio at 9pm. By 11.30 I was really hot, my heart was really burning and I was really dizzy... I was awake until 1.30am this morning! In my previous posts I dropped my Levo down to 100mcg, and added in the Lio at 1.25, x 2 per day the first week and then increase d the morning dose to 2.5 whilst still being on 1.25mcg for afternoon dose 6 hours later. If I add a third dose, it keeps me awake and I feel very hot, jittery, and chest pain. I don't know if I should leave the T3 for a few days, and try just dosing once in the morning at 2.5mcg. Or should I drop the Levo to 75 to allow for the T3? After last night, I'm really scared that I'll end up having a heart attack or going to hospital, which at the moment isn't a good thing. I wasn't over range on T4 before I started taking T3, my T4 on the 8th Sept was 16.7 (range 10. 00 - 24.5), T3 3.6 (3.1 - 6.8), TSH 1.1(range 3.1 - 6.8)

Sorry to keep asking questions, only ever had experience of T3 in NDT and that proved somewhat problematic! I haven't taken any meds today, just need my body to calm down a bit.

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Don't worry about asking questions. The majority on the forum have done so. It's the only way to educate ourself and I'm sorry you felt so awful. Personally, I don't split doses. If we do it is awkward, or impossible, to take a dose at exactly the same time each day.

I've always taken one daily dose of whatever thyroid hormone replacement I've taken.

I've followed the advice of one of Thyroiduk's Advisers (now deceased) but he was an expert in the use of T3 or NDTs, He'd never, ever prescribe levothyroxine.

He himself (his site is no longer available due to his demise) but I'll look and give you a link.

I take T3 only, I take my dose when I get up with one glass of water and wait an hour before I eat. That's it. I feel fine and have a 'normal' life, in that I'm not looking for a time to take split doses and to ensure that my stomach is empty.

Dr Lowe took his 'once daily dose of T3' in the middle of the night when he awoke, So nothing interfered with the uptake of the hormones. He took it with one glass of water.


I am not medically qualified but take T3 alone. I followed the guide of Dr John Lowe (RIP) who was an Adviser to before his accidental death.

He himself took T3 only- and he took his dose in the middle of the night so that nothing interfered with its uptake -.

I take one daily dose of 25mcg T3 when I get up (equivalent approx to 100mcg of T4). I cannot tolerate T4. I used to take a higher dose of T3 but have been able to reduce.

I take mine with one full glass of water and wait an hour before eating, so that nothing interferes with its uptake.

AleB in reply to shaws

Thanks Shaws, maybe I could try the Levo last thing at night and add T3 in the morning, low dose again! Never taken Levo at night, but I'll try anything... Is Lio (T3) 25mcg equivalent to 100 Levo, so four times the strength?

Ale If I lower the dose of T3 it takes about 3 or 4 days for me to feel the difference - incase that helps.

You could say that 25mcg lio is like 100mcg of levo but they are different. If you need T3 you need T3. There's little point in trying to compare one with the other.

AleB in reply to Lalatoot

Thanks for the tip, I think when I first started on NDT it was a bit of a fine jiggle... I appreciate your help, I don't really want to drop T4 to 75 as I won't have clue how the T3 is working. I've taken the Levo 100mcg tonight instead, will try T3 again Wednesday morning, 1.25mcg and do that for a week and see how I feel. Thanks again.

I'm so sorry AleB for your horrific experience. Did you run labs with FT4 FT3 TSH prior to dosing with T3 ? If FT4 is already on the highish side adding T3 will just push the T4 even higher causing all kinds of hyper symptoms/reactions. It will also cause many to blame that the T3 does not work well. T3 works great but FT4 needs to be in a range to make room for T3 to work optimally. In addition best to start with low dose T3 before adding any more T3.

What is also suggested is to take 24 hour adrenal/cortisol levels via saliva to see when is the best time to add T3. Thyroid and Adrenals work in unison.

Vitamins are *Very* vital too eg: vitamin "D"/K2, B-Complex, B-12/folate , Iron, (if you test low. Vitamin "C" , Celtic Sea Salt supports adrenals too.

Best wishes .

AleB in reply to jgelliss

Hi jgellis, thank you for your response.... Have to say I had a terrible night, took my T4 at bedtime, started to have burning sensation around right flank, lower back, very hot, and extremely wide awake until 4am this morning, woke at 6am, drenched in sweat! I have not taken T3, as you detailed, I have probably pushed the T4 conversion higher... would you think if I lowered the T4 to 75mcg, from 100mcg and hold off taking T3 for 4 days, I could then restart a low dose of T3! I'm actually really scared now, I have chest pain and burning in my heart, palpitations. Maybe I need to get a cortisol/adrenal test as I did wonder if there is an issue there... boiled sweet cravings in the afternoon.

I'm so so sorry for your terrible experiences. It can be several reasons for your terrible experience . 1) it's possible that the fillers in the T4 your dosing with may not agree with you. 2)I found that splitting my T4 2x/day is very helpful for me . I feel that splitting my T4 gives me less of highs and lows feelings through the day.

I dose with 1/2 my T4 dose 6-7AM and my second dose 3-4 PM . My T3 dose I split 3x/day one tiny dose AM with my T4 second dose with my PM T4 dose and a tiny dose T3 before sleep . The tiny dose T3 before sleep helps me with deep sleep. Since my TT I found that one size fits all does not apply to me . So I had to learn what feels well for my body and the timing as well . Since not having my thyroids any longer and my thyroids now come from a bottle I had to journal my symptoms with each dose change and timing. This regiment has been working well for me.

Everyone has different needs and what works best for them .

Some find taking their full daily dose in one gulp before sleep or first thing in the morning.

Trying out different dose timing and thyroid dosages and taking stock each time how it feels will help you find your *Optimal* dose and timing.

Make small changes and one change at a time so you know which one works better for you . Changing too many things at a time will not help you find what works and what doesn't .

Slow and Steady Wins The Game.

Best Wishes.

AleB in reply to jgelliss

Thank you for taking the trouble to come back to me, I understand that there is no one size fits all. I think I may have to wait a few days before reintroducing T4 at the lower dose of 75mcg, then try a small amount of T3. Can try again with ordering a cortisol/adrenal test, Thank you for your help.

jgelliss in reply to AleB

Your welcome. Best wishes .

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