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Insomnia from cynoplus/NDT?


Hi guys, do you know how to combat side effects from thyroid hormones?

I tried 1/4 Cynoplus for few days which with breakfast which caused insomnia, same happening with NDT, but this time i will wait and see if insomnia will subside with week or so, i admit i was hypo for a while and i only discovered recently, so i was on high-stress hormones for a while. I was suggested it could be caused by the fact that thyroid hormones help magnesium to be absorbed by the body quicked and you might end up deficient really quick, which in turn can trigger adrenaline response.

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If you were taking Cynoplus with breakfast, you were probably not absorbing any of it, so I doubt it was responsible for you insomnia. 1/4 tablet is only 6.25 mcg anyway, it would hardly affect a sparrow.

What are "high-stress hormones"? And, what's it all got to do with magnesium? I'm not sure from this post if you're hypo or not. Or are you a bodybuilder, taking thyroid hormone to boost your performance, or something?

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