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To much L - Thyroxine?

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Hi having some low blood sugar issues (again) wondering if it has to do with to much L -Thyroxine. My values are as follows: FT3 2,5pg/ml range 2,1-4,3 FT4 1,21ng/dl range 0,93-1,70 and TSH 0,75 range 0,27 to 4,20.

Anyone else experienced over function symptoms with similar values ?

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Your FT3 looks low in range and could be causing symptoms. How much levo are you taking ?

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Snowwhite21 in reply to Marz

75mg- am I correct in saying low FT3 is usually related with under function ? But low TSH is over function?

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Marz in reply to Snowwhite21

The Levo you are taking is T4 and a storage hormone. It needs to convert into the active hormone T3 - needed in every cell of the body. If levels are low in range then there is not enough to go around the body and things begin to go wrong ...

Good levels of B12 - Folate - Ferritin - VitD are needed to aid this process. How are yours ?

When taking thyroid meds the TSH is invariably low - as the Pituitary senses levels in the bloodstream are good so doesn't need to pump out hormone to stimulate the thyroid into producing T4 ...

I'm not a medic - just someone who has learnt lots from others who know more than me 🤔

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Snowwhite21 in reply to Marz

Thanks so much for your reply. Mmm i find it interesting that you mention B12 and ferritin- I had an injection last week for both and thats when my problems started. I am wondering if the B12 has caused the problem as I don’t think my body needed this - the doctor meant well and mixed it in with the ferritin. (1000mg) I guess I am going to need to find a doctor to help me 🙈maybe you onto something that I need extra T3 hormone— thanks again ! Wish you a nice evening and most of all good health ! It really does suck when ones body does not wanna play ball .

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Marz in reply to Snowwhite21

Do you have copies of your results for B12 - Folate - Ferritin - VitD - before the supplementation ? Your results must have been very low . Levels need to be OPTIMAL for your thyroid hormones to work well in the body - your own and the ones you take. So do not consider T3 until the vitamins and minerals are good.

The TSH on its own is pretty much meaningless, so a low TSH doesn't automatically mean over-active thyroid. It has to be looked at in conjunction with the FT4 and FT3.

Very high, over-range FT4/3 with low TSH would mean over-active/hyperthyroid/over-medicated. But, you can have a low TSH with in-range FT4/3.

Hypothyroid/under-active/under-medicated usually is shown by high TSH and low FT4/3. But, there can be many variations within the three numbers.

Thanks I guess I am going to have to do that sugar test have been putting of ...

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I doubt you're overmedicated since both your free Ts are lowish. Even you're TSH is in range although low in range.

If anything, I think you'd benefit from higher FTs so an increased dose of levothyroxine.

I always find my blood sugar goes low if I up my dose. This only happens until my body adjusts. I usually have adrenaline problems too. It's complicated because of the cortisol balance. When you're blood sugar is low your body releases adrenaline to get your liver to release glucose. Being hypo makes it difficult for your body to store glycogen. The answer is to eat more fruit. Fructose does not require insulin and ups your glycogen stores and keeps your blood sugar stable. If you eat too much starch your body has to release too much insulin to produce glycogen. When you are hypo your body is slow at clearing insulin which can cause low blood sugar. It works in roundabouts you have to find the right balance for you.

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Snowwhite21 in reply to magsyh

Thanks so much for info. - that has given me hope

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