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Saliva/ Cortisol results

Saliva/ Cortisol results


I posted this a few weeks ago but didn't get a reply. Currently on low dose Levo (25/50mcg alternate days). Took this test at end of April last year. Really stuggling with insomnia, with adrenaline surges but my night time cortisol already looks low.

Have tried the low glucose snack - but that didn't work.

Any suggestions...please?



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Sorry no idea about adrenal results but have taken an holistic view of what's going on re your insomnia? Could there be any other causes, do you have a family history (it can be hereditary), are you under a lot of stress etc?


Thanks for this. Family history of thyroid issues but not stress. Because of stress a few years ago, I am pretty careful I don't have the same problems as I did then. My insomnia is directly related to taking Levo because as soon as I am on a low dose and start building up - then I don't sleep at all. Trying to work out if cortisol is aligned to my period in which case I may have oestrogen dominance or if it's related to too much T3 - and my body not processing in which case my adrenals need more help. Or... something else entirely. It's so difficult.

I will keep unpicking. Thanks


I think a breakdown of cortisol - goes to epinephrine - if you have the COMT gene you might not be breaking epinephrine down- have you tried GABA? I don't know what your B levels are like? Did you get progesterone checked? Estrogen? I'm jealous of your results- mine are totally flatlined (stage 3 adrenal fatigue)...I'd get my other hormones checked as if their out of whack it can affect other levels too... ie your body might rob progesterone to make cortisol.. t


Thanks for replying and I'm sorry that your results aren't good. Hopefully you're on your way to making them better.

My B Levels are low, last week's test indicates that I am 227 (140-724).

But, in the past b12 has made me jittery, but I will start again today on a lower dose and build up.

Waiting for progesterone/estrogen results to come through next week.

What is GABA? Thanks


Gamma-aminobutyric acid I find it calms me- it's a supplement- if you have the COMT gene the best B12 to take is a hydroxy or adonesl B12 (sp) you may have problems merhylating and methyl b12 will cause anxiety .. I'd get folate tested too..

You might try magnesium biglycinate before bed - many of us are deficient- this also helps


Ps I'm not a doctor- these are just things that helped me-



Folate testing last time showed that I was 11.12 (2.91-50.00).

Sorry for all the questions, but I do get a bit of anxiety on B12, so will look at hydroxy.

How did you find out you have COMT gene? What does it do?

Thank you.


Genetic testing - it's part of the methylation cycle- I did a methylation pathway test- to see who ch if my snp 's were not working... based on that I added Hydroxyl b12 - my folate is over range and low B's on a micronutient test- I also supplement with lots of B6 which can raise Gabba naturally good luck


Adrenals seems to be a very complicated area. There is a helpful page on FB - "FTPO - adrenals (for thyroid patients only) " which I have learned a lot from.

I did a test recently which showed a similar pattern to yours but I since learned that there are things to do before doing the test. You are not supposed to have caffeine and sadly I was drinking tea all day so my results were not true. It also says to be off certain medicines and supplements before it. Annoyingly the tests don't tell you this.

I think also that it is advised to get levels of key vitamins and minerals optimal as low levels can cause Cortisol problems.

Good luck learning about it. It's not an easy subject for me

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