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Too much Thyroxine ?

I have had inderactive thyroid for 10 yrs and basically have felt ill all the time and have seen 5 endos The more Thyroxine I am told to take the more I feel "swimmy" and not able to function properly My last TSH a week ago was10 My local hospital lab. refuses any other tests even when specifically requested by my Dr !If I take more than 75mcg thyroxine I am in big trouble Any help or ideas please or anyone who has found an answer to a similar problem ? By the way I have tried some T3 but it gives me scary palpitations The most efficient endo zip saw said he did not believe in going ridgedly by numbers but by how one felt

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How do you feel when you don’t take so much thyroxine?

Is the alternative to “swimmy” any better?

Have you tried going Gluten Free, by the way?

Is TSH all that you have to go on, by way of tests?


Tried Gluten free -- no difference

Dr can only access TSH as Local hospital refuses any other tests


You’ve been to see five endos.

Have they / your GP given you any other suggestions of what might be happening or what to do?

And the endos couldn’t ask for any other blood tests on your behalf, either?

At the moment you can’t even go “rigidly by the numbers” because you don’t have enough numbers to go by.

Has your GP checked your iron or other vitamin profiles? Iron deficiency is so common that they must be able to ask for that.

My recommendation is to get private tests done (many other threads on here will tell you how to get this done best / most cheaply, using a special online offer which comes up on a Thursday) if you can’t get them done on the NHS.

I appreciate that for many people even this special offer is an expensive outlay. Which it may / not be for you. After ten years, I think you owe it to yourself to get more factual answers.

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Only going by TSH is no use. You need to have FT4 and FT3 tested at the same time. Also all vitamins need to be at optimal levels.

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