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Feeling so bad can’t go out of bad. Can it be thyroid?

I am feeling sick since 5 years from the birth of my son.

Only one month ago one doctor told me I might have thyroid problem even my blood tests are normal

Tsh 2.70

Iam having hard time to believe that thyroid problem can make you so sick.

Abdominal pain, depression, fatigue,anxiety

I am in the bad most of the time

Feeling like there is a cloud around my head.

Wanted to ask you if the symptoms can be that bad

I feel like I am going to die soon.

And believed that I have other sickness that was not found yet.

Please spread some light

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Yes thyroid can make you feel that bad. It does for me. Your result of 2.76 is not enough information to diagnose a problem. You need to know the range which usually appears in brackets after your result. You also need to have blood test for t4. This is the hormone produced by the thyroid. Ideally you need a blood result for t3 too but Dr doesn't usually do this. Read up on t4, t3 and blood tests on the thyroid UK website. You should also check your vitamin levels. If you get results post them here and folks will help.


Oh, yes! They really, really can be that bad - and worse! And your TSH over 2 says that your thyroid is really struggling to make hormone. But, on its own, it's not enough to see the whole picture. Ideally, you want:




TPO antibodies

Tg antibodies

vit D

vit B12



Even if your doctor will only do a few of these, it's better than just the TSH alone. :)

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Hi my love, just to say yes, so, so much I’ve often felt like I’m dying and it’s utterly terrifying.

I’m so sorry you’re going through this horrible disease it must be so hard with a little one too.

I think so many people including doctors think hypothyroidism is just you’re a “bit tired” & you take a pill every day and then “you’re fine”, but it is truly so much more than that.

I’ve been up and down over the years and can honestly say there’s times when I’m convinced there’s something else happening & it’s so frightening.

I think if things are especially bad or I have new symptoms i tend to go to get checked out at the doctors, but I always try and remind myself that the thyroid is relied upon for every function in our bodies so when it goes awry no wonder we feel so terrible!

You will get some wonderful advice and understanding from people here, unfortunately most Doctors it seems are ignorant of just what this disease can cause us to feel, (the reassurance found here has kept me sane!)

Sending you all the best xx


MissOphelia couldn’t have said it better. It’s a daily battle but one that you can win. You are your best advocate. You can do this for yourself and your family. These folks will help you!


Hadarliaigre, Yes, it can make things that bad. I have been in bed most of the time for a few years. By self medicating I've got to the point where I am out of bed for maybe 6 hours a day and it's great!

A TSH of 2.7 looks like there may be something wrong. It is definitely worth getting a full thyroid panel to find out more. This is: TSH, freeT4, freeT3. And if you can get them thyroid antibodies and vitamins.

When you get some more results post them in a new post and more people will see them. If you're in the UK you can use services like Bluehorizon or Medichecks to get mailorder finger prick tests if you're doctor won't do these.


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