It has to be thyroid problems. or is it???

My boyfriend has ALL the symptoms of low thyroid. He has just half his eyebrow, black rings under his eyes, aches, pains, chronic fatigue.....He is on all manner of supplements to support his system, but he is still feeling rough. His TSH fluctuates between 2 - 3, but his antibodies are almost nil. Is it possible that he DOES have a thyroid problem? All opinions very welcome. Thank you.

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oldestnewest circles under the eyes can sometimes point to Adrenals. There is that wonderful questionnaire on where it is Thyroid v Adrenals. You just tick the boxes to see which scores most points for you/him ! A Low TSH FT4 FT3 can indicate adrenal issues - again it is on the site. Hope this helps a little....

Thanks for your reply Marz. Dr. Peatfield diagnosed adrenals when we saw him before Christmas. However, I am confused as to whether he does actually have a thyroid problem as well? He has low T3and T4. Was thinking he might benefit with some T3 until he see's an Endo in March. Do you think that could be a good idea?

Has he had his FT3 and FT4 tested? Low(ish) TSH and hypo symptoms could possibly point towards secondary hypothyroidism. Also, as Marz says, he could have adrenal problems. There's a good questionnaire here

Yes, it is adrenal Rosetrees, was wondering if some T3 might help?

I don't know the answer to that, Margo. I don't take T3. Paul Robinson's book/web site "recovering with T3" might help you? What did Dr Peatfield suggest?

Dr. P suggested supps', adrenal support D3..... Probably should ring Dr P to see what he suggests.

Thanks Rosetrees.

Ringing Dr P's office would be great. I have found them so VERY helpful and full of great knowledge without having to disturb Dr P :-) Also Paul Robinson talks about T3 helping to wake up the Adrenals with his Circadian method. As rosetrees suggests - it may be worth looking at his site/blog. Things may resonate with you .... I know Dr P believes in treating the adrenals before starting treating the thyroid - so maybe that was to be his next step with your partner.....

Thanks Marz, will do.

Margo I know this is a older post but do you have his actual thyroid numbers with reference ranges?

Yes, although don't understand them.

He is in exhaustion stage:- Cortisol ref range

6.2. (12-22)

6.9. (5.0 - 9.0)

1.7. (3.0 - 7.0)

1.5. (1.0 - 3.0)

Hope this is helpful?


......think Smith 8577 wanted the thyroid results with ranges.... oh dear it is all such a worry trying to sort things out....

He is Definitely Low Cortisol, Need to See a Endo Doctor Soon as you can get him in. Too little cortisol can lead to great illness. Afternoon Cortisol Below Reference Range Good indication of Glycemic Control Exerted by the adrenal gland. Low Cortisol Morning & Mid day suggest a degree of adrenal hypofunction with decreased adrenal assistance in glycemic control. Was Dhea also checked? Does he check his Blood Sugar? Need to get a Cheap Glucose Meter, His Blood Sugar Will Tell you alot about what his adrenals. If you catch this in time it is possible you can get his adrenals to wake up & work properly But you have to get treatment right away or they will stop working all together. The Results does show they are trying to work, but are struggling alot. They need help. Yes I do need thyroid numbers too please with RR. However until you get his adrenals fixed, no need to get his thyroid treated.

DHEA: cortisol ratio 1.13 (1.0 - 4.0)

John is having a Diabetes test done next week.

What is RR?

Last TSH was 2.25 (0.27 - 4.2) August 2013

3.67. January 2013

FT4. 14.0. (12 - 22). January 2013

FT3. 4.6. (3.9 - 6.7). January 2013

I hope this throws up some more light smith8577?

Thanks again for your input.

RR means reference range. His pituitary gland isn't working like its suppose too. That's why you see a elevated tsh. Pituitary gland sends signal to adrenals etc. His free t4 needs to be mid range so its low & t3 needs to be on higher end its a little low. I would focus on adrenals first. Does he have high or low blood sugar? Your very welcome I had suffered with this for years before I found answers so I am grateful to help in anyway I can

We will know about the blood sugar when he does the fasting Diabetes test I presume. I agree everything is pointing to adrenals. Thank you so much, sometimes you know things but have to be reminded what you know if you get my drift, as I have my moments due to having had thyroid cancer total TT brain fog, and a host of other problems. But the penny has dropped and now armed with all this information I am more confident when we see the Endo' we might get somewhere for John.

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