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Amco liothyronine

My nhs endo who i saw today was the one i saw privately. He asked why did i change from thybon henning to tiromel & i explained because he wouldn"t give me a repeat prescription unless i saw him privately & i cant afford to see him privately. He is writing to my gp advising them to prescribe liothyronine. He gave me a one month prescription to change up in the hospital. They are giving me amco.

Does anyone know hiw this compares to thybon henning. On thybon i felt well, im now on tiromel and not feeling so good, feel awful & putting on weight.

If amco brand not as effective as thybon, i will speak to doctor & request 100 tablets on prescription & send the prescription off & pay for thybon henning. However, i need to wait for gp to be notified.

Anyone taking amco & feels well on it?

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UK only has three brands of T3

Mercury Pharma - by Concordia (Amco)

Morningside Healthcare

Teva (lactose free)

Every person is different in how they react to different brands

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Thank you SlowDragon, i will give it a try.


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