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When I was diagnosed with Underactive Thyroid it was found I could only take Eltroxin (Goldshield). After the change over with Goldshield etc. my prescriptions have always stated MERCURY, which I understood was the same formula as Eltroxin. Now my prescription has changed to read AMCo. I am assuming this is the same company, but, if so have the ingredients changed. The Doctors and Chemist are most unhelpful. Can anybody please enlighten me?


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I hope you will find your answers here:



Thanks, Rod I will check out the link. Brenchley


People who used Eltroxin have been complaining for sometime as Mercury Pharma did supply Eltroxin, which they insisted was exactly the same as levothyroxine. Eltroxin being a Brand name and levothyroxine being generic. Those who used Eltroxin for a long time began to say that the generic was not having the same effect as Eltroxin.

Mercury Pharma said they didn't have the ingredients for Eltroxin (so in effect it wasn't identical to their generic levo).

I see that Rod has given you a link which will be explanatory.


Thanks, am checking out Rod's link.



Personally, I doesn't give a monkeys what MP or AMco say! Their generic Levo is in no way the same as the old Goldsheild Eltroxin. I changed to MP levo after Eltroxin was discontinued and after being assured by MP that it was identical. I got that bad with shocking palps, nausea, cold sweats and a load more stuff, my GP wanted me to go to A&E on 3 occasions. I refused because I knew I'd be admitted.

I've banged on about this a few times on here, but if suddenly find you're not managing on the same dose as before and the only change is the meds then it's reasonable to suspect it.

Many people have reported probs with MP levo. So if you start to feel 'not right', question the different meds.

To truly hope you do OK on them as I wouldn't wish the way I felt on anybody.

I'm still looking for a lab to test the MP T4 pills I have left to see what's what. Does anyone know of one?


Thanks, I will see how I go. Best Wishes. Brenchley.


Hi Flatfred,

In full agreement with all you say about MP generic Levo. It is nothing like the old Goldshield Eltroxin. It has caused me no end of skin problems and also my son. I have been in phone contact with AMCo (also Wockhardt and Actavis). With what I have found on this site today I shall be making phone calls to all of them with what I think could be my problem and some others on this site who are suffering. From a link Rod posted a few months ago it rather looks as though it is the Acacia Powder causing problems. In my case and that of my son, with shampoo and soap and other chemicals.


Best of luck with it all j_bee. From now on I'm sticking with NDT. I just don't trust 'Big Pharma'. It's all about the money for them.

All the best.


Who owns Armour? Why now it looks to be Actavis. No getting away it seems.


Yep, I was aware that Forest Labs have been bought out by Actavis. Let's see what happens now with availability. Time to stock up me thinks.


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