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West of Scotland (Glasgow) Thyroid Support Group: next meeting Thursday 11 July 2019

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Come and join our friendly, informal group on Thursday from 7pm to 9pm at Waitrose, 2 Greenlaw Place, Newton Mearns, East Renfrewshire G77 6GW to have a blether, offload any problems or worries and exchange ideas about the best vitamin/mineral supplements and treatments. We will be at a table by the partition with the store side of the café (i.e. not the windows side). A small sign will be displayed on the table. (The café stops serving at 8 but, like the store, remains open till 9.) This is the penultimate meeting before our August break. Hope to see you there!

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I'd love to join you but am in the Western Isles and it's a 5 hour drive to Glasgow... Do you know if there's a group perhaps in Inverness or covering the Highlands and Islands?

I suspect not, but worth a try!

Hello, Littleisland -- sadly there are very few support groups in Scotland. There is a thriving group in Arbroath and I believe one near Aberdeen, but I'm afraid I don't know of any others, sorry :-(

I'll send you a PM as well :-)

Thanks! We're a bit out of the way here, it's a bit isolating when it comes to things like this...

Just a little reminder about tomorrow's meeting, chaps and chapesses! :-)

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Cooper27 in reply to SailingBy

Afraid k won't be able to make it tomorrow, when is the next one? Is it first and third thursday? Or second and fourth?

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SailingBy in reply to Cooper27

Hi, it's 2nd and 4th, so the next one is 25th July, then a break in August and we reconvene in September. x

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Cooper27 in reply to SailingBy

Will hopefully make it to the next one :)

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