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Potassium iodide pre surgery

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So I have my op on Friday for TT. The hospital in London called me to ask if I could go to my doc to get a prescription for potassium iodide. I live in Somerset and my pharmacy can’t get hold of it. I’m told it helps with excessive blood flow during surgery. It makes me slightly nervous that this is all a bit last minute and I can’t get it anyway. Has anyone else been asked to take this pre op?

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If you did want to get it, you can buy it on Amazon UK and if you get a trial of Prime you'll get it next day (then cancel Prime if you don't want it). Search for Potassium iodide and select the Prime checkbox on the left (but you'd need to know the dose to take)

Thank you, it was for the surgery which is tomorrow. But I’ve since contacted the hospital to say I couldn’t get it and they said it wasn’t essential, and that it helped sometimes with the level of blood flow to the thyroid gland while operating😬 They said if I could get it prescribed then fine but my chemist said they didn’t hold it so it proved tricky.

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