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Graves to Hashimotos

Is it possible to go from having Graves and being euthyroid and 4 months off Carbimazole to having Hashimotos? My latest bloods were TSH 1.49(0.20 - 4.50); Free T4 14.3 (7.4 - 17.0). I had some kind of flare up after a busy weekend just before Christmas - I had palpitations, burning hands and body, headache, insomnia, joint pain, muscle aches and tiredness, my heart rate was racing in the middle of the night , I was so anxious I couldn't focus. I went to the GP's had bloods done, saw the Endo who said it was nothing to do with the thyroid as bloods are in range - I asked what antibodies I had as I couldn't remember and he said it doesn't make any difference my bloods are in range therefore it's not my thyroid!! I am really exercise intolerant- my heart races when I do anything too strenuous and I have started to get out of breath! I feel lost I am so anxious I don't know if I have another autoimmune disease as my kidney function seems to be affected when I have the flare ups (I've had 2 now) and coincidentally my GFR result has dropped after each one but thyroid results remain the same and both endo and GP are adamant it's nothing to do with my thyroid!

Does anyone have any ideas as I want to get this sorted with it without the endo and GP before I end up with CKD!!

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The only way to determine Hashimotos is to ask for TPOAb and TGAb to be tested. An elevated level of either or both will be a definate diagnosis and although is not common with Graves antibodies, is possible.

Kidney function is affected by high//low thyroid hormone as renal development and physiology. ..... increasing//decreasing renal blood flow and glomerular filtration rate (GFR). (Many doctors won't know or admit to this).

Have you considered your adrenals ? ? ..... All hormones work together and anxiety is a classic symptom of over worked adrenal glands ....... when adrenaline takes over to compensate for deficiencies in other hormones.


Thyroid and Kidney Function.



Thyroid and Adrenals Connection



Thank you for replying. I had an adrenal test done in June last year and it showed that my cortisol levels were high and my secretory IgA was 614 in a range of 102 - 471; DHEA mean reading was 1.3; DHEA cortisol ratio was 0.043. (0.015-0.150). I have had two of these flare ups now, one in December 2015 just before Christmas and one December 2016 just before Christmas although the one in 2015 was very scary, a little like a seizure! I have been trying to lower stress levels by doing yoga/meditation/exercise etc., although since having Graves I haven't been able to exercise the same. I haven't taken any supplements since the first flare up as the nephrologist was convinced that the kidney drop was due to taking too many supplements and nothing to do with thyroid. He also ruled out Lupus as I had no antibodies relating to Lupus but I have read that you can have Lupus without antibodies! He's now sending me for a radionuclide scan to get the full extent of any damage but I still don't know what is causing it and how to deal with it!


Have you tried gluten free diet to see if this helps. It would also be worth finding out what level your antibodies are.



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I have tried gluten free but have shad a couple of blips so will be sticking rigidly to it from now on. I can't get antibodies tested through my GP but will get them done privately.


I have both the antibodies although neither were tested by the NHS. I was diagnosed with Graves' primarily by my eyes. By the time I did get diagnosed I had lost a lot of weight, hand tremors and severe panic and anxiety. At that time no one ever referred to it as Graves', just a thyroid problem, that was 2011.

I had my thyroid removed and still felt that all was not well a year later and joined here were the good people advised me to get a full thyroid panel done which showed I have Hashimoto's antibodies and was a little shocked at first but then it made sense. I had always felt as though I was swinging back and forth. I told the endo and the GP and neither were interested.

I think 15-20% of people with Graves' test positive for both and the NHS do not acknowledge that the treatment be any different from just having Graves' or that when your thyroid has been removed, you are then 'cured'.

I like most here discovered I was low on B12, Vit D (very low 19) and folate. I am still working on both my folate and Vit D. If either if these drop too low, I become breathless, tired, irritable, stiff joints and weak muscles.

Testing is the answer. It is unforgivable that your GP is not testing your FT3 and really you should tell him/her that. I am not the most pushy of people but I have now no problem telling them to add the test and they never argue! Always ask for a copy of of your blood tests and keep or post them here if you need help.


Thank you for that. I am due to get my kidney bloods done on Friday so I will ask if I can get T3 done then. I'll keep you up-dated.


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