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Pregnant with Hypothyroidism

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Hello! Me again... I haven't been on for a while but really need your help.

I tried to get pregnant for 5 years and 3 of those were absolute hell trying to get my Thyroid levels managed. Eventually in November my TSH was at 1 (funnily enough I fell pregnant that month..the month my TSH was at a reasonable number after years of being fobbed off that a borderline result would be fine)

I am now 9 weeks pregnant and Just had my TSH checked again and it's back at a 4 (but hey it's under 5 so nobody actually cares. I am fine it is fine) but it's not to me it's crept up to much and I am lead to believe I should of had an increase in Levo since my body is now using the Thyroid for a baby aswell but NO.. I have been told not to increase and it's fine and should be left until February when I get it checked again and if it's no longer in range then they would increase my medication.

Is this correct? I am freaking out! I know my body I know the fact it's back at 4 is telling me I need some more Levo to help this baby aswell as myself and I read the first 12 weeks were important because then the baby starts to use it's own? So surely now is the most important time to be having an increase.

Am I worrying about nothing? Any pregnant women on here did you get an increase is Levo? What was your TSH during your first trimester. I cannot stand dealing with Doctors when it comes to the Thyroid because aslong as your in the one size fits all reference range all common sense goes out the window.

I never felt better than I did with a lower TSH but before that everyone was happy aslong as it was below 5.. I am talking a 4.95 was still totally acceptable to them. I tried to look online for some advice or something to show the doctor but then it went complicated talking about T4 etc and I am clueless myself about all of that stuff as everything else has usually been fine but TSH so we stopped testing for everything else. I Just needed to rant and I feel ignored and lost and so scared I will lose this baby due to Thyroid neglect.

6 Replies
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Congratulations on your pregnancy :)

Now you must do everything to ensure you have a healthy pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby.

British Thyroid Association information:

If you have an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism)

•It is recommended that your TSH should be less than 2.5mU/l in the first trimester of pregnancy and less than 3.0mU/l after that

As soon as you know you are pregnant it is usually recommended that your levothyroxine is increased immediately by 25-50mcg daily. You should then contact your GP and arrange to have a thyroid blood test

•Thyroid blood tests should be checked every four to six weeks during pregnancy and with a further test a few weeks after delivery. It may not be necessary to test so frequently in later pregnancy if your thyroid levels are stable

NICE Clinical Knowledge Summary:


◾Check TFTs immediately once pregnancy is confirmed.

Discuss urgently with an endocrinologist regarding initiation of, or changes to, dosage of LT4 and TFT monitoring while waiting for review — trimester-specific TFT reference ranges may vary locally.

Other information:

Gather as much evidence as you can, present to your GP and insist on being looked after properly. If no joy, find another doctor.

Good luck. Let us know how it goes.

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Saya85 in reply to SeasideSusie

Absolutely agree with seaside Susie and it makes me so mad that doctors are so clueless and on top of that so obstructive !

Do print and send these links to the GP. You are absolutely right to fight for it and you should ask the doctor to consult and Endocrinologist if he isn't sure himself

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MillieMuffin in reply to SeasideSusie

Thank you so much! I sent this link and information and got an apologetic message back stating it was their mistake and I should infact increase my medication! Really made me feel better so thank you again for taking the time to reply and share such information.

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to MillieMuffin

I'm so pleased :) but how dreadful that your doctors have made such a fundamental mistake and put your baby at risk. I hope they haven't caused problems for mothers-to-be and babies before because of this.

I wish you the happiest and healthiest pregnancy and look forward to hearing about your beautiful baby in a few months' time.

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Take matters into your own hands.

Do the research and get the help and advice you need to make the best decision, this may result in you not following your gps advice.

I had a gp who said I should stop all thyroid medication as my Tsh was suppressed at my last blood test months before. I was 7/8weeks pregnant and I knew that was rubbish advice.

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Hi Millie Muffin,

I am just over 19 weeks pregnant from our second round of ICSI and Ive had hypothyroidism for around 6 years. They monitored me closely during the treatment and when it was successful, they increased my medication to keep me stable as they said the baby uses some of it up. Dont be afraid to push with the doctors when it comes to this, thought they upped mine, they werent very 'on the ball' about it, I felt I had to tell them it needed to be increased!

Good luck xx

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