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In 2015 I had a total thyroidectomy, I have type 2 diabetes

And fybromyalgia.i have not felt totally well since the operation and as I read on your forum that people who have no thyroid can have difficulty in converting t4 to t3,and as I feel very fatigued, I thought I would try taking 12 .5 mcg t3 with my 125mcg of levothyroxine at 7-0am, I have been supplementing for about 2. Months and I feel great, but It seems to wane at about 7-0pm and I have to go to bed soon after, should I take the T3 at a different time and do the same rules apply regarding no food or drink for a least an hour before or after mediation and not with other tablets?

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Dosing is a very individual thing. Some people take their T3 all together with their levo; some split the T3 throughout the day in two or three doses (although you're not taking enough for three doses); some take their levo in the morning and their T3 at night… The combinations are endless, and it's trial and error to find what works for you.

But, yes, for maximum absorption, it's best to take it well away from food and other medication and supplements. :)

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Thank you grey goose, I think I will try taking it in the afternoon and then go from there.

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Good idea. :)

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