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Hashimoto’s/neurological. I AM scared

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All feedback very much welcome.

Disease winning....

Still waiting to see Endocrinologist ( Appointment January 2019 )

Running out of time

Eyesight greatly affected blurred vision & stares (using fake tears but cant keep up )

Tinnitus back

Losing more weight ( safe to say too skinny )

Difficulty swallowing ( chewing gum & liquids always at hand )

Extremely dry cough ( Chest x-ray clear )

No tolerance to dust, mould, chemicals etc

Partner advised i stopped breathing again....

Eyebrows now tattoos

Snorting water to enable some breath thru nose

Extremely dry skin (moisturiser plus being done )

Facial hair growth ( can comb face, luckily blonde )

Drooping eyelids

Thyroid swelling at times....ultrasound results ok.

Glands in neck very swollen at times...

Feet & ankles swelling

Shins very painful to touch at times

Arms extremely painful

Muscles rigid

Sore gums ( prone to abscesses, dental A1 and confirmed)

Mouth ulceration

Hair loss extreme ( leave washing & brushing to a minimum)

Chest pain

Swollen hands ( twisting and unable to hold a cup at times)

Insomnia ( yet extremely tired and weak always)

Unable to wear bracelet and watch anymore ( too painful )

Extremely hard to regulate my body temperature. Going from extreme coldness to extreme intolerance to heat

Periodic feelings of passing out ( too dangerous to drive now.

Chocking on white phlegm ( great when i can cough up or pull out of throat, yes it can get that bad )

Legs twisting and at times having difficulty in walking ( so i just sit )

Diarrhea full time

Appetite insatiable ( when pain somewhat controlled )

Now urinating blood at times

Low blood pressure

Heart palpitations

Slowed heart rate also.

Extreme lower stomach pain.

Pain throughout stomach ( scar tissue from severe accident )

Current medications. Panadol. Anti inflammatory’s ( have to be very careful as i have had a bleeding ulcer previously) again thanks to doctors.

Codeine ( very minimal ) just beat seratonin syndrome ( again thanks to doctors )

Was smoking marijuana ( unable to

now as coughing too much, was for pain relief only, medicinally )

Smoke cigarettes ( can only manage straight tobacco, chemicals choke me ) need a vice hehe

Elastoplast ABC heat Plaster containing soft extract of cayenne pepper. For Chronic back pain as a result of a serious accident) ( can only use periodically as having adverse reaction to them )

Gastro stop ( Diarrhea major problem )

Vitamin D supplement

Calcium supplement

Iron supplement

Electrolytes ( for obvious reasons )

Magnesium supplement ( muscle cramping )

Loop recorder fitted to heart ( as per cardiologist advice. (Slow heart rate and low blood pressure)

Continual thirst

My dog found lying across my throat on numerous occasions whilst i am either ( sleeping, partial consciousness or great difficulty in breathing ) seems my dog is a better judge of ailments than doctors.

Electric heated throw rug ( to raise body temp)

Doctors want me in hospital......sick and tired of being a frequent flyer and doctors bury their mistakes...hospitals in area unable to cope due to shitty government funding )

Any advice as always will be very much appreciated. Xxx

8 Replies
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Agreed 😩😩😩

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Sorry for everything you're going through. A full hormone panel would be helpful. With such a terrible array of symptoms, you need a good functional medicine doctor to hopefully find the root cause(s). Mold toxicity & heavy metal toxicity is sadly common & produces a laundry list of symptoms. Do you have amalgam fillings? Parasites are more prevalent than people realize. Many are EMF sensitive, so limit or avoid cell phones & Wifi, especially in the bedroom. Get rid of the electric heating pad. I went back to Ethernet cable at home & turned off Wifi on the laptop & router. If you haven't done this already, do the best you can to detoxify your home of chemical cleaners, personal care products, cosmetics, laundry detergent, etc. Try to eat whole, organic food. Drinking purified water's important as is having a shower filter. Water is terrible where I live so I bought a water distiller for drinking & cooking. I have a shower filter that removes chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides & a lot more. My skin has improved since I stopped bathing in chemicals. Helped my hair, too. Lyme tests are unfortunately inaccurate, but worth testing for Lyme & other tick borne diseases. Understand not wanting to go to the hospital.

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Londinium in reply to G2G2

Which shower filters have you found effective?

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G2G2 in reply to Londinium

I've used this filter for a couple of years watercheck.biz/products/pro....

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Hi Bridie2014, makes me sad to read and sorry you are feeling like this, I can relate to most of those symptoms, and the only way I got myself better, was to check all my vitamins especially B12 which was very low causing symptoms and going gluten and dairy free, my thyroid levels are now not fluctuating they are quite stable, my T3 is mid range so I need to work on that.

You have not listed what you’re thyroid levels are, I do think you have have other issues going on but they can be linked, low stomach acid with this too.

I worked on healing my gut this helps tremendously, I’m not a medical person just saying as to what helped me, I also kept a diary each day, it’s been 4-5 years to researching for my recovery, I’m a lot better now, it does take time to unravel and connect the dots! as everyone is not the same, wishing you well. xx

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So sorry you’re feeling crap.

I have some similar symptoms.

All I can advise is the result of years trying to manage my Hashimotos, my mum had it too but was never diagnosed. My driver is I don’t want to end up with all the cascade of chronic illnesses she had, which I now know were ALL thyroid related.

Currently am reading YOU CAN FIX YOUR BRAIN by Dr Tom O’Bryan - which I whole heartedly can recommend. It explains what gets us into this quagmire of autoimmune illness in the first place and how to get ourselves out of it. It’s not a quick fix and will require work and diligence on your part. My Christmas present is a book on how to ferment foods.

I’m currently changing my diet, dumping things to address my clear intolerances, like gluten, dairy, sugar, soya etc.

An intolerance doesn’t usually mean you fall down sick on the floor, after a slice of bread btw. Rather, it’s an insidious effect you don’t connect or notice, like brain fog, or a migraine or gas and stomach cramp, anxiety or depression, dry scalp etc., etc.

Then, I’m also looking at all the unnecessary medications/pills I’ve popped for years and all the beauty and cleaning products/chemicals I’ve been absorbing too, plus allergins in the house like mould, dust...

NSAIDS (anti inflammatories) are the worst. I don’t take them. Instead I now try to follow an anti inflammatory diet, it’s way healthier and I’m happier for it.

I did say it wasn’t a quick fix. There is no pill.

Re your thyroid meds and bloods, vitamins, there are lots of knowledgable people on here who will advise.

I gave up with T4 and am on T3. It’s been better for me, although I prefer a brand without lactose.

Good luck with all that, I hope you feel better soon. Wishing you a happier and healthier 2019.

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So sorry you are suffering like that. I have many symptoms of yours too and at the moment the anxiety is so extreme, it feels like the end of the world is coming and I wish it were for me. I have Hashimotos and primary hyperparathryoidism, both ignored by gp and endo. My most5 recent acquisition is acid reflux I think. I have had a problem with a lump in my throat for the past three weeks preceeded by weeks of nausea and insomnia of course (that goes without saying!) and thought it was anxiety or even imagining a growth, however, after sitting up half of last night coughing with a sore throat as I thought, it was acid. So I have popped a benzo hoping it might help to calm me down.

I wonder if you have ever been tested for hyperparathryodism as the symptoms are quite similar. You need to ask for a calcium, PTH and vitamin D test done all from the same draw.

I hope you feel better soon especially as you or we all have to endure Christmas. I am actually dreading going to my daughters tomorrow.

Good luck and I hope the New Year brings some sort of comfort to you.

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Aa.. Poor thing, it makes me sad to read your long list of symptoms and to know that doctors do so damn little for us :(

I agree with others that your symptoms don't quite sound like hypothyroid, but you may hav thyroid problems as one piece of the puzzle! It's definitely worth looking into thyroid in depth because you have access to such a good resource on this forum.

I just looked back on your old posts ask seen your blood tests. Two months ago you had quite a few bad vitamin deficiencies. For most of these it's important to be halfway through the range or more for the body to work properly, so hopefully you've got those increasing and that will start to give some noticeable improvement. You've had advice from great ppl, so I don't have more to add except go back and review what you've been advised to make sure you're doing everything you need to, and ask more Q if you need to. My only advice is to organize retests in the next few months to confirm the numbers are moving - if they aren't you'll need to adjust what you're doing, higher doses or more bio available forms.

It's criminal that you haven't had a proper thyroid panel blood test :( TSH tells you nothibg at all :( If I were you I'd consider getting this done privately. In the UK it's possible to get mail order tests you do with a finger prick at home and are reasonable in price. I think you're in Australia, so probably can't use the companies most people on the forum do. It's worth making a new post to ask for advice on any places people know of, or you may be able to search online and find somewhere.

You need to get a full thyroid panel, that is TSH, freeT4, freeT3, Thyroid peroxidase antibody and Thyroglobulin antibody (the 2 antibodies names are written in a lot of different ways). If possible get vitamin B12, too, as I couldn't find a result for this in your past posts but I may have missed it.

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