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Finally I am pregnant and scared

Hi everyone

I posted my labs here two or three weeks ago my tsh was 6 and my free t4 was super low. I started to take the levo the 8th this month 25 mcg and my period suppose to arrive on the 14th so tonight I did a test and it was positive inmediatly so I am so worry about my dose tomorrow I have to go to the hospital with my mother in law so I will take the opportunity if they can check my levels to up my dose to 50mcg I am scared that the dose its too low and I can hurt the baby I cant stop thinking negative things my last experience with the levo was horrible I dont want to have the last horrible side effects I had so scared sorry for my long post trying so hard to get this dream true..

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Hi many congratulations sorry I can't help on dosage etc I'm sure there are people who in time, aren't you supposed to stay of Levi for 24hrs fast and have blood taken as early morning as possible? So may not be that practical for tomorrow? If you didn't like endocrinologist ask to see different can you take somebody with you to appointment s for support? I always write questions down days before going so I don't forget my questions or concerns

Good luck


Google the NICE guidelines for levo and pregnancy. It states you need to increase your dose by 50% as soon as you are pregnant. I was also told this by an endo at Addenbrooks. GPs don't always know this.


Hello you will need a dose increase most definitely. You need repeat bloods done too as your TSH needs to be under 2, the side effects you got may be due to the brand of Levo you were on or the fact your feeling grotty due to your high TSH.

It's super important to get this monitored and managed early! They should refer you straight to an endo consultant who can provide you with a much better service than your GP throughout your pregnancy.

I was on 100 before pregnancy of Levo now I'm up to 150 with two increases within the 7 months.

The baby will produce their own thyroid hormone when it's at 12 weeks but in this early developmental stage you will both need a boost.

Try not to be scared 😊 With correct management, There's lots of hypothyroid women have successful pregnancies and happy endings ❤️️😊 Xxx


Hi, Many congratulations on your pregnancy. I can understand your fears. In my knowledge and experience, they will increase your dose. I had mine increased in my second pregnancy. It was ok in my first. But if for any reason your GP doesn't, then seek the opinion of your Consultant at the hospital. All the best and keep in touch.

I love to hear good news about a new baby, take care :)



As easy as this sounds, try not to be scared. This is a wonderfull time in your life and approach it with as much positive energy as you can.

When I was 4 months pregnant my dose was increased from 100mg levo to 125.

I had hyperemesis throughout my pregnancy (vomiting 40 times a day), so im sure some days my levo prob came back up. But from what I understand, the baby takes what it needs from your body and so will be fine in this regard.

Most likely you will need your dose incteased but try not to worry about the effects of levo. Pregnancy is a journey but definitely one that's a road trip. I was quite unwell during the pregnancy (nothing serious) but got through it and I've almost forgotten all the times I felt unwell.

I have an 8 month old baby who is healthy and was not affected by my hypothyroidism.

If you have any questions, plead ask.

Kind regards



Many thanks for all your replies, i am at the hospital at the moment, the emergency doctor told me that this is not an emergency case and they dont do any Tsh labs in the emerency so i need to get an appoinment to my gp and wait two more weeks until I will get the results.. This is incredible i am really thinking to up my dose myself to 50 mcg , it is safe to do it??


They wouldn't up my dose until I had my first appointment with my midwife, even though I kept asking. Im not knowledge enough to know if you should unilaterally increase your dose whilst pregnant. But my dose increase from 100 to 125 at 4 months pregnant workef out fine for me.


You must only increase in 25mcg increments at a time. When I firsts found out I was expecting, I had been to the doctors as I was feeling ill with hypo, I was looking at 10 days for results due to the weekend and bank holiday, and I knew I would be getting an increase anyway when pregnancy was confirmed, and I upped myself by 25 and when I finally got to see the doctor they said I did the right thing. When my blood results came back pre pregnancy, they were under so they nudged me up to 50. This made me overmedicated 🙄

In my opinion it's probably safe to go up by 25, but I'm not a doctor,!! Just going on personal experience. Don't panic 😊 I'm 34 weeks and have suffered no ill effects from the Levo or increases. Enjoy this time 😊 You should have an appt with an endo in the mean time within 2 weeks once pregnancy is confirmed., and my consultant is ace.

If your result is drastically under, the labs would get in touch with you.



I recommend you get a copy of the book from


Are right to be concerned about the health of the baby. Hypothyroidism can cause miscarriage. Have you been tested for Hashimoto's with the antibody test? I would demand it as well as the tests for T4, T3, and RT3 (reverse T3) t be able to accurately determine what is happening. If you have a high TSH it only earns that your body has a low T4. If you have a high T4 it. Means that your body doesn't have enough T3 because either you are not converting the T4 into the useable form of T3 that your cells need or you have too much RT3 which binds to the same site as the T3 does and prevents T3 from entering the cells. I recommend 2 things; join the Facebook group FTPO-thyroid topics and get the books, STTM-stop the thyroid maddness and The Root Cause, both are excellent sources of information that your doctor may not address but are crucial for your health!! Most doctors, especially in the U.S. are brainwashed by the representatives of big Pharma to only prescribe Synthroid or other forms of synthetic Levo which are NOT always effective. Many people need a natural desiccated thyroid like Armour, WP or another NDT. The Facebook group is VERY knowledgable and the admins are able to look at your labs to help you understand them. I learned so much on that site, I highly recommend you join it! Good luck!


Please don't stress it will do you or baby no good. For the record I have two kids 9 and 2 and was only ever on 25mcg Levothyroxine so I wouldn't panic too much. But at the same time I only saw TSH only obsessed Drs so never had a true reading of how my thyroid was really performing. Do push for FT3/FT4 and TSH- if you're in the U.K you will not get RT3 tested on the NHS

Congrats and good luck


nice guidelines

Excerpt - Women with known thyroid dysfunction who are taking levothyroxine may need the dose increased by 30–50% from as early as 4–6 weeks gestation [De Groot et al, 2012.

I would make an appointment with the GP and quote this at him/her.


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