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Silent thyroiditis


Hi - about 7 or 8 months ago I had a thyroid test that showed low TSH (about 0.18) but normal T3 and T4. The test was repeated a few times and I saw a specialist who did antibodies and all cane back ok except the TSH again which had dropped to 0.06. He thought is was probably silent thyroiditis.

That was about 2 months ago and I had a follow up test last week and TSH was now in range at 0.27 but still quite low.

Although the specialist didn’t take much notice of my symptoms I do feel better and I wonder if the episode could have been brought on my a super stressful period in my life?

Happy holidays and hoping you are all keeping well

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Surely if you had symptoms, it wasn't silent, was it. You should keep an eye on it because you don't have to have high antibodies to have autoimmune thyroiditis. You could very well go hypo next. :)

farranccc in reply to greygoose

Or I could go on to be fine, I presume?

greygoose in reply to farranccc

Without seeing all your blood test results, it would just be guessing whatever I said. There's not enough information to judge the situation. Your doctor was just guessing, too.

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