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Increased NDT

So today I took a higher dose of NDT for my lunchtime (well, early afternoon today, ooops) dose - a bit over half a grain more as that's what I had to work with. I feel really well, and it's past 9pm and I haven't collapsed into bed exhausted. :) In fact, I think I might feel normal. ;)

Can I really be feeling it already? The T3 component is fast acting, of course, so maybe I can. I didn't notice my other recent updose in the same way. That time it took a few days before the brain fog started to clear and a couple of weeks before the aches went away. Maybe it's that I'm starting from a better place this time? I felt very hypo last time, and this time I'm feeling okay - this updose was more about trying to get optimal.

This takes me to a tad over 3 grains of NDT (it's a funny amount but it's what the mgs add up to) and I'm hopeful it will bring me to optimal from a FT3 point of view.

Fingers crossed this good start bodes well.


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Yes, I had a similar experience when I switched from (a bad brand of) Levo. I was very scared to switch since it was my idea, not the docs. Now, let me caution you, I too feel great when I up my dose a bit but the T3 in it sends my blood pressure (BP) sky high. So, keep going but measure your BP regularly, that will determine your upper limit of the NDT dose - that's my everyday problem, I would love to up my dose by just half a grain but just cannot do it.

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