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Problems with Mercury phama

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Hello I hope someone can advise me. I am intolerant to a lot of pills, I have been told that it might be the fillers they use or coating.

I have always been ok with Mercury phama until recently.

I had a batch and my body started to jump about and my breathing was tight, I felt terrible. I phoned the company and they asked for a sample which they have now told me was fine. My next batch was normal and I thought it was a one off but tonight I started another batch and I feel terrible as before. Do you think they have changed anything, has anyone else had problems. I don't know what to do now but don't want to feel like this again.

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Many of us only take Mercury Pharma

No other reports from anyone of far at least

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Do you have a record of the batch numbers and expiry dates?

Did you check whether the two "bad" packs were the same batch/expiry? And different batch/expiry to the OK ones?

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