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Too much levo, not enough levo, or time for T3?

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Hello lovely people!

Well, it’s been a good long while since I posted - but I still follow from afar!

I’ve been so stable and energetic for the last 6 months or so. I’ve followed a clean lower calorie diet and lost nearly 2 stone. I don’t believe I’m over medicated as it’s been such slow, steady weightloss and my partner (on same diet) has managed to lose more than me when in the past I’ve always been able to lose weight far faster.

Anyway, the last few weeks I’ve started to feel a bit crap again. I went for a blood test yesterday and am waiting for the results. I know that I should just wait to see what the GP says but generally find that the more info I have the better I can fight my corner!

I’m colder than everyone round me, a bit grey again, blooming tired all the time and very unable to rationalise and far too emotional🤦🏼‍♀️. I feel jittery and worried and tearful. No palpitations.

Something tells me I may be over medicated at this point but I feel my symptoms are a right mix. My last results showed TSH as 0.01 and my FT4 was just over 21. I think my absorption has improved over the last few months. In general I seem to function best when my TSH is so low and I’ve felt amazing since May.

Weightloss, healthier lifestyle = thyroid function better or worse? 🤔

I’ve never had my full thyroid bloods done privately as I’ve been ok on the levo and wanted to give the levo a chance. I’m guessing my GP results won’t shed much light but my question is, assuming I get private testing done, does this then carry any weight for GP?

If you’re still reading this essay then thank you (and sorry!) ... I’m just wondering if anyone else has had this experience after being so stable for so long! X

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my question is, assuming I get private testing done, does this then carry any weight for GP?

Some will accept them, some wont. At least it will show if you are converting T4 to T3 well enough, and whether you have raised antibodies or not.

If you're going to get a private test done then I would suggest you do the test bundle that includes vitamins and minerals as well if they've not already been tested recently. Vits and mins need to be optimal for thyroid hormone to work.

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Thanks for the advice - I will report back when I’ve had my blood test results! I didn’t ask for vitamins to be tested as I’m on so many high dose supplements (on prescription) that I think they’re probably ok now - but it’s definitely worth getting them done with the full thyroid bloods so thank you! X

Jooju2004, when you're supplementing it's even more important to test. Ideally you should be offered a retest every 6 months to year when trying to raise levels, but doctors rarely do this. It's good to confirm that the treatments really are raising your levels, raiding then on a reasonable timescale, and that you haven't overshot optimal levels.

Unfortunately prescribed vitamins are often the cheapest, least bio available forms in quite low doses, so sometimes you can be taking them for months or years but not have reached good levels.

You may have to stop your tablets for a short time before the test, but I don't know enough to say how long. B12 you have to give up for ages so may not be worth trying.

I have had your exact experience. When losing weight and starting to feel cold, I know my thyroid meds are pooling and not working. A slightly reduce meds and usually feel better in a few weeks. There is a test here in US called reverse T3 that tells you this but feeling cold is the signal for me

Ooh thank you! I’m kind of new to this but my gut told me I may be needing to reduce dose. Saying that ... I just got my results:

TSH 2.32 and FT4 13. So now I don’t know at all what I should be doing. I felt better when my TSH wasn’t lower so maybe I need more levo not less. Basically I’ve established that I either need more... or less...😂🤦🏼‍♀️

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Stourie in reply to Jooju2004

Hi, you probably need more levo as when the weather gets colder the body has to work harder to keep you warm so uses up more of your levo hence you are heading underactive again. Just my opinion as am not medically trained. Jo xx

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Jooju2004 in reply to Stourie

Thank you! My GP receptionist tells me I’m right in range... good job I’ve made an appointment to see GP ... hopefully I’ll get an increase :) x

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